Hello my dear readers! How is your weekend going? Any nice plans? 
Today I have a "crazy" item to share with you. This is the brightest mascara ever and it's not by a drugstore brand but by one of the most chic high end brands: Chanel.
Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara in Limelight was issued as part of the Limited Edition Collection for this Summer, L'été Papillon.

This mascara has same format, applicator and performance of the regular black waterproof mascara, except that is a very cheeky way to wear makeup, bringing up your bold side and it can be worn in a very simple way, just applied to the tips of the lashes.  

Honestly I bought this because I wanted to have edgier makeup looks, but unlike other gorgeous makeup blogers, my deep set eyes don't allow me to do great colourful gradients and staff like that. This mascara allows me for an edgy look in no time. I do not even need to wear eyeshadow because the mascara attracts all the attention anyway! 
I love it for vacation, and going out, but I would not wear it for going to work or school!
What do you think? Would you ever dare this mascara on your lashes?