Hi my lovelies! How are you? Today I'm very excited for two reasons: one is I'm having fun showing you the gems I bought during my vacation, and the other is... a surprise I'm preparing for ya!
Today I want to share with you a very pretty nail polish from the brand Wjcon, no name just number 152, a lovely shade of emerald green packed with chunky shimmer! Take a look.

Wjcon #152 has a great formula, I tell you this brand is a total surprise! I applied 2 coats over my regular basecoat for total opacity, and didn't use a topcoat. This is a very shimmery polish, so is not supposed to be glossy, but if you like the glossy finish, then just add topcoat and you'll get it!
I like the brush a lot, whil it's not very wide, it gives full coverage with three strokes, it's flexible but firm at the time. Great quality.

I payed 2.50 € for this gem, which I think is a total steal! It's such a pity their online shop delivers only in Italy :(
What do you think of this polish? Did you already knew the brand? Let me know your thoughts!