Hi my lovelies! How are you? 
Today I have a review for you that I should've posted ages ago! KKCenterHK sent me one of the new stamping plates ONLY with animal prints: NNAIL-SPPQA21 I also got the scraper and the stamp . I think that a plate with only animal prints is a great thing because I love animal print on my nails, and sometimes I would hesitate on buying a stamping plate because I'm interested only in one pattern and I'm mostly sure I'd never use the other designs. That's not the case with this plate! You see there's almost every animal of the Savannah! lol

The plate is octagonal shaped and has no paper in the back as other plates may have. So you must be careful when handling it to avoid getting cut. This plate has the number QA21 and has tiger print, zebra, giraffe, reversed giraffe and leopard images.The images are very good quality and they're deeply carved, so that your stamping actually gets a great definition. They're small, though, 13mm wide, 15mm long. They've worked just fine for me, but they won't do the trick for longer nails.

I've also tried the scraper and stamp which worked great!I found the stamp to be particularly good at picking the image, much better than others I own. The manicure I'm showing to you today has been done using all the items I received and it was pretty quick and easy to achieve. The colours used for the manicure were: Bourjois Amande défilé as a base, and the stamping with Konad special polish lilac and pink.

 If you'd like to purchase this plate (NNAIL-SPPQA21), or anything else, from KKCenterHK remember to use my coupon to get 10% off:

What about you? Do you like a little stamping nail art? Would you consider buying this plate? and what do you think of my "Pastel zafari" manicure?

*One or more items of this article were sent to me for my honest unbiased review.