Italian findings: Wjcon nail polish Sugar efffect 824

Hello lovelies! How was your weekend?
I hope you're enjoying your Sunday evening, I surely am, writing a couple of posts to share with you my nail polish hunting during my vacation in Italy.
One of my greatest findings was this brand, new to me, called Wjcon
I guess is an Italian brand since they only ship to Italy from their website. Their range is large, from lipstick, to foundations, to eyeshadows, to nailpolish, and all the makeup you could think of. I bought three nail polishes from them and some eye makeup, and I'm totally in awe because the quality is great!
Today I'm showing you Wjcon nail polish Sugar Effect in # 824 which is a gorgeous medium blue with a textured finish. I applied two coats over my regular basecoat, and of course no topcoat.

Formula was great, after giving a good shake to the bottle the consistency was what I consider perfect, taking into account we're talking about a textured polish here. It ws not gloopy or thick, and it totally applied right where I wanted it. Drying time was a little slow, but I would say it was completely dry after 20 minutes, so it wasn't that bad considering I didn't use any topcoat.

I'm so glad I decided to pick up another one of these, and I kind of regret not getting more of them, they're great.
I'll be showing you the other colours I picked very soon, and some other stuff I bought, so stay tuned!
Let me your opinions in the comments, please!!!!!!!


  1. No es mi color pero está muy bien aplicado.

  2. Ciao Nati! This looks beautiful! Lovely shade and nice structure! I've never heard of this brand. Very fun to see something new! Baci! xx

    1. Ciao Jezz! I'm glad you like it, I was pleased to find a new brand too! baci xx

  3. Salut Nati, then we were two - I as well prepared posts this Weekend ;-)!!! I never heard of this brand and am totally curious what other gems you have picked. I love (of course) this blue and what a great version of textured finish. It reminds me of those heavy silks that were used sometimes to tailor coats in the sixties - you know what I mean, do you? Beautiful on you <3!!! Have a wonderful start into the new week - Bisous xxx

    1. Salut Christine! I'm glad you like this one, I'll be showing the rest later this week. Have a great week you too! xxx

  4. Anonymous12/8/13 13:22

    So pretty! I really like both the color and the texture.

  5. Bello, bello, bello! :-) I love textured polishes :-) I have 6 Kiko and 1 OPI textured polish and I love them all! :-)

  6. Such a beautiful blue! Looks so pretty on you. :)

  7. Wow! This was awesome! I've never heard about this brand before and I really loved it! It looks so beautiful! Can't wait to see the other products! :P


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