Happy Saturday my dears! How is your weekend going? what where you up to? Any plans for tomorrow? I have a ton of things to do at home, but as the weather is nice we will probably spend the Sunday outdoors with the family.

So you may think for a Sunday outdoors I would go makeup-less, right? well you couldn't be more wrong!! My magic formula for "no makeup makeup" this summer is a fancy combination of two Dior products: Diorskin  Nude Tan BB Cream and the gorgeous Diorblush Cheek Creme in Paréo, from the Dior Summer mix collection for 2013. The collection includes other three shades of blush and 4 matching shades of nail polish of which I've shown you Capeline here.

This blush is amazing, the texture of the cream blush is not really like cream. Well, it's definitely not powder either, but I'd say in between powder and cream. It is super pigmented, so I only apply the slightest tiny amount and it's super blendable, unlike other cream blushes (Estée Lauder I'm looking at you!!) it gives you a lot of time to blend it before it sets so the result is very natural. Once it sets, it won't budge easily. I wore this to the beach and let me tell you it was hot, very hot, and running after my toddler got me sweating more than once, and this baby never budged. 

From sheer (left) to almost opaque (right) according to how much I applied
Paréo is a fiery hot pink shade, very very bright! But it's sheer enough to pair with most skin tones, if you apply a very little amount that is. The magic begins when you apply it in the spots where you'd naturally bronze more, or even where skin is more likely to get sun burnt. The effect is instant healthy looking skin! As if I had spent the week at the beach, which I obviously haven't!
Take a look at the pics, and let me know your thoughts! Would you dare such a bright blush?