Hello my dears! How are you doing today? I hope you're all doing fine. I have a gorgeous polish to share with you today it is Dior 658 Capeline from their recent Summer mix collection.
As soon as I saw it in the counter at Manor's I fell in love and thought I had to buy it. But the problem was the price tag. In Switzerland Dior polishes retail at 38 USD, which is too much for a nail polish! I thought I'd wait and eventually I bought it in Italy, during my vacation, where I payed 18.50 Euro, which is 24 USD!! Such a huge difference between two neighbour countries!

Capeline is a very pretty shade right in the borderline between warm hot pink and coral, it's the warmest pink of my collection, almost coral I'd say, but still pink enough to my eye to belong to the pink category. Take a look at my nail wheel of hot pinks to have an idea.

I particularly love this shade because I always feel warm pinks compliment my skin more than cool or bluer pinks.

Capeline is a creme nail polish with a wonderful self levelling formula. Perfect consistency and flawless application, I did zero clean up! The brush is the regular wide Dior brush, which I personally like a lot. All I would expect from a nail polish of this price. I applied two coats over my Mavala002 basecoat for full opacity, and it was so glossy I just skipped the topcoat. I'm loving my not so long nails in this colour, and it's always so pleasant to rediscover creme polishes after wearing a lot of shimmer and glitter this summer!!

Let me know your thoughts on this beauty, and whether you like better warm or cool shades of pink (if you like pink at all!).