Hi my dears! I'm slowly getting back in the track, and I really have a million things to do after this vacation. That's why taking a vacation has its downsides too, you work the double before leaving to have everything set and ready, and you work the double when you're back to catch up with the cumulated things during the absence LOL!
Anyways, today I have an "innovating" nail art item, kindly sent to me by KKCenterHK for my honest review, which consists in a different system to stamp on your nails with a Plastic stamping plate NNAIL-SPPNA09.

As you can see this is like a big "stamper" which is in hard white plastic on one side, the one with the patterns in colour, and is made of rubber on the other side, the one used actually for stamping your nails. The plastic plate I got has 5 designs that are all meant to create French tips. Take a look:

This works in a very simple way: Just apply nail polish to the  desired pattern, put the stamper down on a piece of paper and remove the excess polish with a sliding motion. Don't rub it against the paper or you will take off too much polish. Then stamp on your nail. 

As for any regular stamping plate, this one will work better with good stamping polishes, there's no secret to that, some colours just stamp better than others! My advice is do not use paper towels or any kind of absobing paper because that will absorb most of the polish and you won't be able to stamp. Instead use regular paper (the pack of an used envelope for instance) that works just fine.

The plastic plate worked very well for me! I'd say the process of stamping is simplified, considering you only have to clean one item instead of three (4 if you also count the plate holder), it's quicker and cleaner way to achieve your nail art. The only downside is that these take much more storage room than a regular plate, so if you'd like to have many of them you'll need a special place to store them.
Other than that, if you only do stamping once in a while, like I do, and if you're not interested in owning 200 different plates, if you struggle with the scrapper that does not scrap enough, or scraps too much, and the little pink stampers that do not pick up the images correctly, and all of those little problems, I think you might found a solution with this item!
You can order this item from the KKCenterHK store under: Plastic stamping plate NNAIL-SPPNA09
Don't forget you can always use my coupon and get 10% discount of your purchase:

What do youthink of this "Plastic Plate"? I'd say that if you find stamping a difficult thing it might be worthy trying this out!