Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello my dears! How was your weekend?
This evening I have a very important thing to share with you, as you might know, October is now known as the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness in the US and it finds echo all over the world, because it's always a good thing to spread good ideas. Of course, I'm here to remind you, if others haven't already, to get your butt to the doctors and get your annual control. This month, for many of us, is just a reminder that there are thousands of people who are struggling day after day in the fight against cancer. In October, many people remember it might be a good idea trying to help, well it's better than nothing! Here are some ideas: donating to research on cancer, giving moral and economical support to people with cancer, spreading the word, getting informed, informing others about cancer, getting yourself and your near ones the reminder for doctor's appointment and control.
Breast cancer is a bitch. But nowadays, in many countries, the healing probabilities have increased thanks to the advances in research, but the most important factor of success against cancer is early detection. When you get your annual gynaecology control you're making the best gift to yourself and your loved ones. Specially if you have kids. Do not procrastinate doctor's visits, because that's the most expensive bill you'll ever have to pay, cause it may cost you your life.
There are no excuses, specially in October many associations all over the world give the possibility to get a mammography for free, or just a free will donation.
There why a pretty pink manicure, is always cheery, and pink is the colour for Breast Cancer Awarenes.
If you want to join with your pink manicure in support to this cause, just do it!

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  1. A beautiful awareness mani!

  2. Really cute mani and of course wonderful post. I think sometimes we all need to be reminded of this, I couldn't agree more about going to the doctors instead of waiting. Health is so precious. I'm going to have to rock a breast cancer awareness manicure these year in honor of someone so special xx


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