Fall Favourites: Le Blush Crème de Chanel 62 Présage

Hello my lovelies! How is you weekend so far? While you read this we are out to a birthday party with my hubby, it seems we had entered the "birthday season"!
What I really want to share with you today is another of my Fall favourites this year, Chanel crème blush in Présage. I love it!

Présage is part of the latest Chanel Fall collection Superstition, which has 5 blushes and 5 coordinated lip shades. Présage is a limited edition shade, but if I've well understood the other five blushes will be part of the permanent range, which is great!

This is a lovely super flattering apricot shade, matte, it has no shimmer in it, but it does not go chalky or anything, it leaves the skin with a gorgeous glowing appearance. I do not know which is the secret, but I love how it looks on the skin. It is super-ultra pigmented, you only need the smallest amount. It blends  beautifully on the skin, giving such a natural finish. As it is a cream it's best applied over foundation, just before powdering your face, and the result is super natural glowing fresh and healthy complexion. You can also apply it with fingers when you're in a rush and it always looks great. I'm in love.

Do I have something negative to say about this blush? Well, sadly yes. It only contains 2.5 grams!! Most face products normally contain between 6 and 9 grams of product. Dior cream blush, for instance, contains 7.5 grams. Definitely 2.5 grams is ridiculously small amount for a face product, so I'd say Chanel had that wrong. I have received this blush as a gift from my lovely husband (he checks my wish-list to be sure to please me, isn't he adorable?), but I would have probably hesitated to buy it myself knowing I'm only getting 2.5 grams for 38 USD. 
What do you think about this blush? have you spotted the collection? what do you think about expensive products that contain such a small quantity? would that make you hesitate?



  1. me encanta ese color si lo combinas bien con un bronceador en polvo te puede dar ese lo que lo llaman sun glow

    1. Hola Andrea! Sería buena idea para el verano, pero ya estoy más pálida así que lo uso como blusher nada más. besos

  2. Replies
    1. mmm, well not really. But it depends on your screen colours settings, it might look orange to you :) IRL it is more like a vivid appricot


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