Hello my dears! How was your weekend?
Today I have some fun decals to show you! KKCenterHK has sent me these great nail water decals Halloween themed, Item number NNAIL-WDHHK186 and I couldn't wait to wear them.

These come in a small sheet cointaining 23 individual images, with a plastic protection sheet, that my first decals didn't have, and that I find great. The images are bats, ghosts, spooky tree branches on a full moon and black cats! all you need for Halloween.

As for the instructions on the KKCenterHK site, you start by painting your nails with your desired colour. Then you need to cut out the selected image and leave it to soak on a cup of water "for 10-15 minutes" but I do believe there's a mistake and they mean "10-15 seconds" which is what I waited. Once the decals have detached from the paper, pick them up with tweezers and place them on the nails, you have plenty of time to (gently) reposition your decals until you're happy with the design. You then hold (not rub) the decals onto the nails with a clean dry cotton pad for a few seconds. Once they're totally dry, apply one or two coats of your favourite topcoat to seal the manicure and tadaa! You got a perfect manicure within few minutes.

I have used 3 coats of OPI Y'all come back ya hear!   a vivid orange jelly on all nails except on the ring fingernail on which I've used one coat of China glaze Liquid leather. I then applied the decals and fixed them with one coat of Poshe fast dry top coat. the decals lasted perfectly for three days, until I decided to change my manicure. These didn't peel off or anything, they are very good quality.
Have you already tried water decals yet? Do you want to rock a great Halloween nail art but have no patience or time to free hand elaborated designs? Water decals to the rescue ! haha
You can get these decals from KKCenterHK, but they have aso tons and tons of fun stuff for Halloween.
I love decals and I love Halloween! Have you already thought which will be your Halloween manicure? Stay tuned because the upcoming week I'll inundate you with halloween ideas!!!

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