Oct 28, 2013

33DC - Day 16: South America - Argentina's Flag

Hi my lovelies! I hope you had a fantastic weekend and your batteries are fully charged for the new week!
Today my nails are dressed with the colours of the Argentinian National Flag, because day 16 of the 33 days challenge is dedicated to South America and I was owing my beloved flag this tribute.
Argentina's flag is a very poetic flag, because it emulates the bright blue sky, with the clouds and the sun shining in the middle.

The sky blue is a very precise shade, but I do not own any polish exactly as the required blue, so my closest shot was Essence Goofy blue, except this colour has shimmer, which the flag ovbiouosly hasn't! it would have been a hell of a flag if it was a shimmery one!! But the sun in the middle is really golden and not yellow as many may think, so there you got the touch of glamour! LOL!
I painted two coats of Essence Goofy blue on all my nails and then painted a white stripe using China Glaze Snow, and the Sun of May (which in reality has 32 rays and yes, a face, but is not smiling) was done with Zoya Ziv.
I really loved wearing this mani! What do you think about it?
Don't forget to check out the manicures of my fellow challengers below!


  1. I love this shade of blue, it is keeping me in the good mood :)

  2. What cute looks this model :)

  3. que bien representas a tu tierra.

  4. This is so gorgeous, and I love Goofy Blue too :)

  5. I like the colours and your Argentina flag is perfect! :-)

  6. Oh my, this is such a gorgeous blue!!!

  7. Nuestra bandera es la más linda de todas, y en las uñas se ve genial :)


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