Bourjois Color Edition 24H cream eyeshadow swatches & review

Hello my lovelies! How are you doing?
I was shopping for Christmas last week (yes, already! or am I late?) when, oh! what do my eyes see? A new Bourjois cream eyeshadow range, 6 new colours, in a cream to powder finish that claims to last impeccably on your lids for at least 24 hours. (Interesting, where have I heard that before?)
I already know how the game goes, because I own several long lasting eyeshadows. So I wouldn't say I'm in lack of cream-y eyeshadow.
After playing a litlle with the testers,I decided to pick the khaki green called 04 Kaki chéri, the white silver called 01 Merveille d'argent and the red plum called 05 Prune nocturne. Take a look:

These are my general observations about the three colours I own from the Bourjois Color Edition 24:

Texture: they are not as creamy as other eyeshadows I own. They are definitely more in the powdery side, with an extremely light feeling on the skin, still being a cream product, if that makes any sense. One thing I have noticed is that the formula is more indulgent with the wrinkles and small lines on my lids than the colour tattoo, the latter tends to set into fine lines, making them appear more obvious. That does not happen to me with the Bourjois which
Opacity: they are definitely the most sheer of all the brands I own. BUT they're absolutely buildable into total opacitiy, you just need to add layers of product. The eyeshadow is very thin, so it does not look cakey at all. I'd say the sheerness makes them a bit more versatile and wearable than the Colour tatoos, for instance.
Blending: These are super blendable! The formula is very thin, and a pleasure to work with.
Wear: I have only tested one so far, 04 Kaki chéri, I applied it in the afternoon (around 2 pm) and it stayed put without creasing or fading until I took it off at midnight, that was 10 hours of perfect wear.
BUT I did pair it with a powder eyeshadow. I have not used the shade by itself yet, I'll update this once I've worn all the shades by themself for a long period of time.
One important note on these is that they are not "tatoo" like. They are not indelible, if you rub the colour with your finger after they have "set" the colour will smudge!
Colour and shimmer: these shades have the most beautiful multidimensonal shimmer of all my (drugstore) cream shadows.

So as a summary, these do not replace my water-and-everything-else-proof tatoo eyeshadows, but they add a little sparkle to my stash. I think I'd prefer them for day-time makeup or very elegant looks. While Maybelline Color Tattoo says Rock! Bourjois Color Edition says Chic.

Have you tried Bourjois cream eyeshadows? What do you think about them?


  1. Oh gosh, these colors are seriously pretty, Nati. I bet they'd look fantastic together in a look!

    1. Oh P.S! I've been meaning to tell you! I discovered that Globus sells the LUNA now! I stumbled upon it yesterday, and I immediately had to think of you :-)

  2. Mamma mia, troppo belli ! Io ancora non ho avuto l'opportunita' di provarli :( mannaggia... mi piace molto quello marrone sul rossiccio! Un bacio Natalia :*

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  3. Oh wow I love Khaki and Prune, so beautiful. :-)

  4. se ven bien pero para mi misma tomaria rosas dorados, dorados.

  5. I liked Khaki the most :P But I actually don't have that many cream eye shadows at all, just because they're so unreliable, at least most of the ones I've tried.

  6. They look beautiful! I love the green one! :-)

  7. wow, the packaging looks so simlilar to the Maybelline ones. I love the kaky and the prune ones and I do think they look more elegant. If they will appear here in Romania I think I will buy at least one to see how they will stay on my lids and the way they blend :-)
    Thanks for the review!!

    Regarding the Christmas shopping, I haven't started yet, so you are not late :-)

  8. i definitely have to get my hands on these. i saw them a few times, but since i havent read any review about these it didnt buy them. i think bourjois is a little pricey for a drugstore brand.


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