Hello my lovelies! I have some exciting news to share with you, is the New Essence Trend Edition for Holidays! It's named "Happy Holidays" and it features several nail art related products, along with three eyeshadows blushes, lippies, false eyelashes and a hair accessory. You can see the whole collection here.

I've spotted this one at Manor, but I'm pretty sure it is already available at Coop and Müller as well. 
I've only picked 2 of the 4 available Colour3 nail polishes, the fimo decorations and the glittery topcoat. Today, I'm going to show you swatches of the nail polishes, because I just couldn't wait to have all together to share with you. The decorations and the topcoat will follow!

The Colour3 nail polishes are basically 2-in-1 nail polish bottles. Each has two bottles of nail polish with a center "cap" housing two brushes. This might be easier to explain with a picture than it is with words.

These are the two nail polishes I've picked:

01 Joy to the World

showing one coat without topcoat

showing one coat of each nail polish without topcoat

This is a combo of a rich plum creme with gold glitter in a clear base.
The  crème plum is a pleasure to apply, it is a true one coater. Consistency was on the thick side, but in a good way, so that the polish was easy to glide on the nail while having control where you put it. This colour dries pretty fast, but kind of dull, I would totally recommend using it with a glossy topcoat.
The golden glitter contains two sizes of glitter: small gold hex glitter and tiny gold round glitter. I can also see some really sparse tiny copper or red  I can't tell for sure. It applied smoothly in a thin coat, with a great amount of glitter, no needing to fish for it, but very far from being opaque (well it's a clear base indeed). I guess you would need several coats to get this opaque. Anyway, I like it as a topper, and that's the way I usually use glitter on a clear base.

03 Light up the tree!
showing one coat without topcoat

showing one coat of each nail polish without topcoat

This is my favourite combo, a medium bottle green crème paired to silver glitter in a clear base.
The green nail polish applied nicely, but it is a little less thick that the plum one. So you may want to apply two thin coats for a better result. I only applied one coat and still looks pretty. 
The glitter is gorgeous, same principle that the golden one, with small silver hex, and tiny round silver glitter. There are also sparse tiny holo glitters! Application was identical to the gold glitter, so I'm happy with it. 

I'm loving this collection already, and I think I might go back to the store picking the other two polishes, LOL!
My favourite combo is green and silver glitter, which is yours?