Hello my dears, how are you today? 
The 33 Days Challenge continues today with the prompt "the colour you own the most". I have my collection reunited in colour families (purple, blue, green) and then nuances (light blue, medium blue, navy blue, etc). So without hesitation I can say the colour I own the most is Green and the nuance of green that I have more off is Teal green. I always think of Teal as blue/green shade more towards the green side, as the bird, and turquoise more towards the blue, as the stone. Or is it the other way round? I guess this is totally personal and all the more subjective.
Nevertheless, I've chosen one gorgeous shade for today'y manicure: YSL Wintergreen. I believe this was discontinued early this year when YSL changed their polish range completely. I could grab it on a sale 70% off !

For this mani I first painted 2 coats of YSL Wintergreen over my usual basecoat, and the application was a dream. I loved this shade by its own <3. Then using striping tpe I painted the stripes with Pupa Holographic #32 Emerald, and Chanel Bel argus. Then added some dots using YSL wintergreen and the other two shades. I finished the manicure adding a coat of Poshé fast dry topcoat.

Which is the colour you own the most?
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