33 Days Challenge Roundup

Hello my dears! How are you? enjoying your weekend? I hope you are!
The 33 Days Challenge is over, I had loads of fun doing it, and enjoyed a lot sharing with so many talented nail bloggers. I got to
know new blogs and this challenge also took me to be more active on facebook than I usually am. It was tough to keep up with 3 different nail designs per week but I am happy I had embarked on it because I really had massive fun.

I thought it would be nice, after all this hard work, to have a post reassembling all the manicures I've done for the challenge. 33 pictures in one post that would have been heavy, so I decided to do a  slide show with thumbnails collection. For technical reasons I had to split the thumbnails in three slide shows. You can see each manicure enlarged by clicking on the thumbnails and you can also see them on full screen, and go to the original posts by clicking on the pictures links (links open in a different window).

I hope you have enjoyed it, I know I have!
Thank you to all the lovely co-challengers for sharing so much talent, thank you for reading and thank you for commenting!


  1. I love them all but 3rd and especially 4th is a masterpiece;)

    1. Thank you E. ! I really appreciate your comment :-)

  2. Anonymous7/12/13 16:29

    Thanks for the overview, it's great to see all nail arts lined up like this! 33 days, that was quite the challenge.

    1. Thank you Melissa :) it really was a challenge!

  3. Great job, Nati! I really like your "animal" manicure, from the pattern to the colors!

  4. Day9 es que ese rojo con oro me encanta elegante
    Day11 Las arañas me encantan, está tan bien hecho, misterioso pero chic
    Da5 las flores quedarom muy frescas
    Day29 el leopardo muy chic
    Day punky me facina


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