Guess who's birthday is today? no way! I'm turning 34!
Having my birthday on a Monday is
nothing special, I'll spend the day with my baby (I just think I'll have to stop calling him my baby, he's grown so much, but he's not even two yet...) while my hubby is at work. He's got plenty of work this time of the year, so we'll wait next weekend for a proper celebration. I will not be preparing anything, but we'll go to a restaurant instead. This month we'll have guests for Christmas, and for our 10 year wedding anniversary, and for New year's eve! I couldn't host another celebration in December, haha!

I did a manicure for today, which is nothing special really, but I like it, and I thought I'd share it with you. For today I wanted to wear Dior Minuit, which I ordered long ago online, but the parcel never arrived, I'm still waiting for a replacement. Instead I'm wearing OPI Muir Muir on the wall, which is quite similar to Minuit xcept for the golden shimmer.
If you're reading this I have a very special request to make: I've entered a stamping nail art contest on Pinterest recently, would you help me win by either liking or pinning (or both) my picture? You need to have pinterest to do it :)
Here below is the picture I submitted to the contest. If you can't see it here's the link.

If you could do that it'd mean a lot to me and it'd be the best birthday present from you! Thank you!

In this day when nothing special really happens other than me getting older, I'm very happy, without special reasons, just thankful for all the good moments and people in my life.