After this poor attempt to emulate my dear friend Ithfifi from Ithinity beauty, and her gorgeous pigment manicures, the 33 Days Challenge comes to an end. I certainly struggled a little to find creative ideas, but had much fun doing these manicures.

I've loved getting to know some excellent nail artitsts, new blogs, and seeing so many beautiful designs and ideas! It's been a great experience one that I would certainly recommend to anyone to take part in a nail art challenge at least once!

This manicure is a fail because it looks like a shimmery mess. The base is OPI Warm me up, from the Mariah Carey Holiday collection, and the pigments are from L.A. colours and NYX loose pigments (can't remember the names though). I have nonetheless enjoyed sporting these nails, so I'll post it all the same. If you're willing to know how to do a PROPER pigment manicure check here. Mine was a total disaster because my topcoat dragged the pigments completely and the pigments stuck to the topcoat brush and the sparse into the topcoat. So now I have a pigmented top coat instead of a clear one, lol!
I'm sure there is a way to get this right, I was not very lucky I guess.
Oh, never mind, is not like my life depended on it, so let's go with the flow, and let's enjoy the 33rd (and last) set of gorgeous manicures the lovely participants have done for today!
Stay tuned because tomorrow I'll be posting a round-up of all
the manicures I've done for the challenge.