Merry and sweet Christmas to all of you my lovelies!
It's a great day, and I didn't want to miss this occasion to write a few words about it, and of course share a beautiful choir version of what is my absolutely favourite Christmas song: Silent night. It's for many people a sad song. As I remember being told infinite times "what a depressing song, can't we play Jingle bells instead?". Well, it's true, it's a quiet song, but no way it is sad. It speaks about the most joyful event we could imagine, the birth of a child. No bells, no santa, no gifts. Still I think it carries the most powerful message for Christmas. Peace, silence, quietness, life, love, hope.

There's a beautiful spanish version of this song called "Noche de paz" which means Night of peace. And its lyrics are for me a beautiful example of humanity.

Someone may say Oh! this is such a religious song and I must answer it is, well Christmas IS a religious holiday after all. It remembers the birth of baby Jesus, thus is the most important date for Christians. But even if your not religious, or you're not a Christian, what this holiday is about, and what the song speaks about, is the most precious gift we can give and receive, represented with a birth of a child, which is LIFE. I guess every human on the face of the Earth should agree LIFE is precious and nowadays the world has turned into such a madness we often forget that. And I know places, including my beloved home country, where the value of life has diminish terribly.

I wish you a peaceful day, surrounded by your loved ones to celebrate Life. Yet, I know very well that's not always possible, this day I won't see my parents, my brothers and sisters, my nephews, my grandma, and of course all the loved ones that have past away, still I know I am blessed and surrounded by their love, wherever they are.