This is such and important and special day I just couldn't pass it on silence on my blog. I've always shared the important moments of my life with you here, because I consider many of you more as friends than anonymous readers. So why not tell you of such an important thing in my life?

Today we're having a small reunion with our closest friends, to celebrate our love. I though I'd wear a special mani for this day, that I'm sharing here with you. It's Deborah Lippmann Bitches Brew, an exact dupe for Chanel malice, and I've added some stamping with Konad speacial nail polish and Bundle monster plate BM-317. I'm sorry there's a little tip wear, but I painted my nails last night and have been doing many things before I could take the pictures.

Today, 10 years ago I got married to the love of my life and this is one of the biggest accomplishments for me. Don't get me wrong, I was not that type of girl dreaming of marriage and children as their only scope in life, not at all! I dreamt of a successful professional career, travelling the world, meeting people, engaging with causes, and never ever stopping working. But the Lord just put something in my way that I never thought of, that was LOVE. I fell totally, absurdly deeply, in love with a young man when I was 18. This was nowhere in the plans of a young idealist trying to fight for a better world. Not even mentioning he was living about 7'000 miles away from my country.

We met in England, one year later we got engaged. We kept travelling back and forth during 6 years. living our relationship through the distance and only spending a few weeks per year together, and finally got married one 27th of December. 

The day of our wedding
Getting married was in the eyes of many people the happy ending to our fairy tale story. But in reality it meant giving up a lot of things. The most important things of my life, those things that are not "things". It meant ending with the distance between us, but setting a new distance with everything I've known. It was a hard choice, but he supported me and still does it, in a way I probably could not express with words. We have been through really happy days, some less happy ones, and we've overcome very hard and sad times together. We have always loved and support each other. 

Some people think of our story as such a fairy tale, because we lived in the distance, then got married and lived "happily ever after". But wedding day was not the happy ending, just the happy beginning. Our adventure has not been a bed of roses, but we have got each other, and it seems to be all we need. Eventually our stubbornness has given its fruits, and we now live the best days of our lives with our little guy, we have waited and wished for him so long! After years of wishing for a baby and when we less expected it, when we had lost almost every bit of hope, it is life that surprise us again with the greatest gift we could ever have imagined. We knew it would have been great to be parents, but I guess we never imagined we could reach this level of joy and accomplishment we live now.

To my darling: we've been lovers since we first saw each other. The distance, the obstacles, the sorrow, the illness, the pain, we've gone through them all, together. We stood by each other, we cherished our wounds and scars as we imagined they could be all we would get from life. We always embraced our destiny and accepted every challenge together. We never gave up. After all these years, the sun has started to shine in our home in the smile of our little boy. We're finally "complete" and the brightest  days are finally here. I am so proud of you, my love, I'm so proud of us. I love you and I love us. Happy anniversary.

Thank you my lovelies for reading my nonsense, I'm not the trendiest, richest, coolest blogger out there, but I certainly have a lot to be thankful for, including you, my blogger pals.