Winter Favourites: Ombres Matelasées de Chanel - Charming

Winter has just started but I already have so many favourites this season. One inescapable makeup item, I can't stop reaching for,
is this Chanel palette.
All the hype about it... totally deserved! I love the colours, the quality, the versatility. It's quite a great palette Chanel has come up with, and so chic, as per usual.

I fell for it after seeing it in person, but didn't buy it right away. i thought, "I surely do not need another neutral palette, specially with this kind of price tag". Until one day I got a Marionnaud's gift voucher for my B-day, and bought it without hesitation. So yes, my only real impediment was my wallet.

Since then I have been reaching for this palette more than anything else, and I do have a lot of palettes, but right now I have a crush on this one. Thus its appearance in my winter favourites. I have done a look that is pretty much the way I use the palette everyday: mostly the three colours in the middle.

For this look I used:
- NYX Above & beyond full coverage concealer in 04Beige
- Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion
- Ombres matelasées de Chanel Charming
- L'oréal Volume Million lashes luminizer hazel eyes
- NYX Above & beyond full coverage concealer in 04Beige
- MAC Pro long wear foundation NC20
- NYX Stay matte but not flat compact powder #05 soft beige
- NYX Tango with Bronzer in “When Leopard gets a tan”
- Covergirl lipperfection Jumbo gloss balm #225

Is this my all-times-most-loved palette? Well, no. I consider this palette a high end version of an ultra versatile, super handy neutral resource. It has a solution for many looks in the neutral department, making it the best candidate of my stash for travelling. But for being my all time favourite one needs a little more sparkle and variety.
If you're interested in seeing the swatches, you'll find great ones at Christine's, Sara's or Sunny's blogs.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. Si muy usables para todos los días :)

  2. Salut Nati, oh this Palette is so beautiful!!! By the time I decided I need it of course it was gone from the Chanel Counter with Globus, need to hunt my other water holes - urgently ;-) and the Chanel Gel eyeshadows will give me the sparkle I might want to add eventually ;-) Gros Bisous xxx

    1. Salut ma belle! You too you hesitated about getting it? haha, we're so alike in some things. I got it at Marionnaud's and they had plenty left, but that was BEFORE Xmas, I'm not sure if they might still have it. Well, but you own the gorgeous YSL fall palette which has a marvellous selection of neutrals! A palette is just a palette, there'll be other similar palettes next year, and if you look closely none of the colours is really THAT unique :) it's more of a collectors thing, I finally got it because I wanted to have it, not because I needed the colours. That's quite, pretty wrong...


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