Hello my dears! Today begins a new challenge organized by the lovely Gold Francine from The Beauty case blog, most of the participants are Italian so the challenge is called "Giardino d'inverno" which means "winter garden", how cool is that?

This is a pretty relaxed but very interesting challenge. It starts today and lasts the whole winter, every Friday we'll be posting a manicure, it can be a swatch or nail art, there is an optional prompt each week. The only rule is the nail polishes (at least one if it's nail art) need to be matte, satin, suede or textured, no glossiness here! So chic!

For today I haven't got the time to do a nail art, though I wish I could, because I really liked the prompt "winter". But I got a pretty polish to share with you that evokes winter to me. It's Essie Lots of lux from the recent Encrusted treasures collection.

I painted 2 coats of this pretty over my regular base coat, no topcoat, of course. I got many compliments on this shade and I should say it's really long lasting. I did this mani on Tuesday and it held four days without chipping at all!
Thank you Francine for letting me participate in this great twinsie! Do not forget to visit the gals in our "Giardino d'inverno", there are really gorgeous manicure in this challenge
Let me know your thoughts :)

*Banner edited by Gold Francine and Alice Biffi. Original picture source here.