Hi my lovelies! Happy weekend! How are you?
I was forgetting this little one among my untrieds! This little purple shimmer was bought last summer during my vacation in Italy, and I thought it was quite dark for my summery mood back then, so I thought I'd save it for later. I was almost forgetting about it, but today feels like a perfect day to show you this one!

Deborah Milano is a drugstore brand that is also available in Switzerland, but not all the range is easy to find. This one belongs to the prêt-à-porter range, which I've honestly never seen in my local drugstore.

Knock out violet is rich deep violet-purple with tons of lighter violet shimmer slightly duochrome, shifting to orange and magenta in certain angles, what gives it a very metallic finish. It's a real beauty in the bottle, but it does not totally translated to the nail.

Formula is very good, it's the right consistence, not runny nor gloopy, I'd say it applies more like a crelly, because first coat is very even, with no bold patches, or brushstrokes, perfectly leveled but  very translucent, two coats give nice coverage but still VNL, and opacity builds totally with three coats. It's wearable with two coatsthough if you don't mind vNL. I usually don't mind, but thought it would photograph better like this.

In the pictures I'm showing three coats with one coat of seche vite, in the desperate attempt to make the shimmer shifting colour show... usually a thick topcoat helps... whatever.
Don't be shy and, please, share your thoughts with me. Enjoy your weekend!