Jan 13, 2014

OPI Nail care: rapidry spray and topcoat

You know how textured polishes are so in vogue lately, they are here and there, and everywhere. OPI just released a new collection by Gwen Stefani with a matte, a satin and a chrome finish. Gorgeous and chic. What does all this tell you? Yep, NO TOPCOAT! does that mean endless drying time?

I love textured polishes but the drying time turns me off. Looking for a solution to this problem I rediscovered the usefulness of a fast drying spray. In my case OPI RapiDry spray has become my best buddy. It dries the manicure completely in a few minutes, without leaving residues or greasy appearance on the surface. It took 5 minutes for 2 coats OPI "4 in the morning" and 15 minutes for 2 thick coats of OPI Baby Please come home (otherwise took HOURS!), to be completely dry. I also appreaciate that OPI RapiDry formula comes in a bottle with a simple spray dispenser. I know some other brands do aerosol cans for fast drying nail polish (looking at you Mavala), but I find that unhealthy and bad for the environment. I don't use aerosol AT ALL.

Since the spray works so well I decided to give the OPI RapiDry topcoat a try. I'm currently in a love/hate relation with my Seche vite. It is constantly ruining my manis because of the formula turning dense and sticky and unmanageable before I reach half of the bottle.
Well, how would I put it. It's not a very fast dry topcoat. It takes definitely longer than Seche vite. It gives great shine and extended durability to the nail polish though. But it is not my holy grail top coat. I'll still use it since there are many uses for a topcoat, like this one seems perfect for doing stamping decals! (a technique I'd love to try soon).

What about you? have you found a solution to speeding up the drying time of special nail polishes? I'd love to know what it is! Please, share it in the comments :)



  1. I used to have (or I guess I still do, it's probably lying in some drawer) a quick dry spray from Essence, but I didn't use it much because of the oily residue. Good to know the OPI one is different. If you're looking for a good fast dry topcoat, I'd recommend KBShimmer Clearly On Top. Dries realitively fast, is very shiny and doesn't thicken at all. Only downside is that it's only available at Harlow & Co. (at least fur us non-americans), where you have to pay shipping if you order for less than 75$...

    1. hi Andrea, I know what you mean! I've tested the one from essence once, ut never bought it. I've read a great comparison from Sam at the nailasaurus and immediately search for it... but I go through topcoat very quickly so I prefer more economical ones. I get seche vite from BPS it takes a little long to arrive but I order 2 or 3 bottle and get free shipping...

  2. Hey Natalia, I don't own that many textured nail polishes at all, so I haven't really given this much thought! I do remember these two products from some manis I got back home. Otherwise I know you can get a little fan (like what they use in nail salons) for pretty cheap around here!

  3. Anonymous14/1/14 17:06

    Aw, I was so hoping that this would be THE miracle product that would insta-dry our manis! Guess not.

    1. You're right Melissa, I was hoping it too :(

  4. Salut Nati, what a great review!!! I have to admit that I was never really convinced by the Opi products you introduced here. I always, always use Essence Hardening Nail Base as bace coat - I can only use 2/3 of a bottle but at 2.95 this is economical enough for me, especially considering the result. My absolute go-to Top Coat now is Glisten&Glow HK Girl - Pointless Cafe compared it to Seche some time back in case you would be interested. I am more than half way through my first bottle and no sign of glopiness or stickiness also you don't need much per mani - I am surprised how slow the level goes down and I change my mani nearly daily. It is available with Llarowe, Overall Beauty, MeiMei Signature. Bisous xxx


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