Jan 15, 2014

My current everyday Makeup routine: January 2014

Hello my sweeties, how are you doing?
Today I was taking a look to my everyday makeup items and noticed many products have changed in my daily makeup routine. And it's been two months since I last shared my make up bag contents with you. My current look is very pink-y and quite dewey! I'd love to have your feedback.

I'm not using a makeup primer daily. It seems my Clarins Beauty flash balm will last forever, only reach for it on special occasions.
This has not changed, I'm still using NYX Concealer Jar #04 Beige for dark circles, blemishes and imperfections.
Since the cold kicked in I've been using YSL La touche éclat foundation in BD40, and I love how rich and indulgent iswith my dry skin during winter, plus it smells really nice.
I'm not using blush on a daily basis. I'm using a (sort of) bronzer instead, keep reading to find out.
Powder, highlighter and bronzer:
Makeup Forever HD loose powder is there only to set the under eye area and any minor spot with concealer. I leave the rest unpowdered.
The star of my makeup bag is this gorgeous Guerlain Crazy Terracota. It's my bronzer/highlighter/blusher! but I've raved about it here.

I'm using NYX eyebrow cake powder again after using pencils for many months, and I'm happy I switched back to it!
My everyday bag has Dior Golden Flower palette and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Gold pink, while I use the latter alone almost everyday, a more sophisticated look needs the Dior palette to give a little smokiness or gold glam.  My current mascara is NYX Le Frou Frou, which is so black I think is a little harsh on my pale winter complexion, but I have a very light hand applying it.
On a daily basis I'd use Cover Girl jumbo gloss balm in 225 (which I got in a giveaway at Melissa's blog! thank you!) but for my special looks I've been reaching a lot for an oldie Chanel Coco Shine in 57 Aventure, I find it compliments wonderfully my pink looks .

And this is what I'm wearing today: The base (foundation + concealer), setting powder, Guerlain bronzer, filled in eyebrows, Maybelline eyeshadow, mascara and Covergirl lipbalm.

Has your makeup bag contents changed lately? Do you change foundation with the cold season? Is there any recently purchased makeup item you use everyday?



  1. It looks very soft and pretty, I'd definitely wear this look everyday!
    I like wearing a less matte foundation during the winter but aside from that my routine is pretty much the same: nude eyes and bright lips haha

    1. Hi Nesita! Of course a girl needs to keep her signature look. But that's interesting, you change foundation, which foundation do you use for winter?

    2. I like to use Bourjois' Healthy Mix Serum. In summer it melts off my face way too fast but it lasts pretty well in winter and I love the coverage and finish of it =)

  2. Replies
    1. Es muy bonita y delicada, y dura muchísimo!

  3. Salut Nati, I love to read those posts of you!!!! Looking at my everyday products I can detect a clear Nati-influence ;-) your everyday look is simple yet elegant, I love it!!! My most recent buy that is now core to my everyday make-up is YSL cream blush - it is not overly pigmented so if I have darker eyes I use it to accentuate, if I have lighter eyes I go for another layer. And I never carry any make-up items with me except Dior Jelly Lip Pen, cuticle wax and hand cream. Have a wonderful day - bisous xxx

    1. Salut Christine, thank you for your kind words, it's such a self-esteem booster that you trust my opinion.
      You influence me too, I have got the YSL youth liberator foundation as well! I ordered it during the sale and hasen't arrived yet, but can't wait to try it.
      I never do touch ups either! Except reapplying lip product after eating, drinking or washing teeth.
      bisous xxx

  4. Hey Nati, pink looks so good on you! Life is unfair (lol)! I love Crazy Terracotta as well. I recently dug out a deluxe sample of the MUFE powder from my stash, but decided I prefer Guerlain powders by far! So jealous you can leave your skin unpowdered though! If I try that with my T-zone, there will be hell to pay in a couple of hours.

    1. Thank you Sunny! it's just finding the right shade of pink. And these are quite neutral and warm-ish tone pinks.
      Nothing to be jealous, I assure you, I hate winter when even the finest of powders sets in my dry patches and makes my skin look like carboard and like I was 102. Yes, would totally prefer a less dry skin type.

  5. Anonymous16/1/14 15:40

    Oooh I am so glad to see that you use that Covergirl gloss balm so much :-D You use really lovely products.

    1. Thank you Melissa. That lipbalm is really something! : )

  6. Tu sei davvero una bella donna e non ho ancora trovato nemmeno un tuo "look" che non mi è piaciuto, ti sta bene tutto! :-)


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