I do apply a face mask treatment every now and then, but nothing like this. I was quite curious to try one of these masks because the brand sounded utterly good, and I'm so glad I did! I couldn't wait to share this with you my lovelies. Be warned there's some bare face pictures of me, don't be shocked, LOL! hahaha.

Montagne Jeunesse is a new to me brand that makes all kinds of  one time application face masks with vegetal ingredients in the total respect of nature and completely cruelty free. That convinced me to give it a try.

I got two face masks, and the last weekend of the 2013 I decided to use one of them to receive the new year with a soft and bright complexion. So I chose to use Passion Peel off mask first, which claims to "deep cleanse, purify and protect" your face skin, which sounded a great thing to do right before NYE.

The packaging is quite fun to look at and quite practical. Before doing anything I read, of course, the easy to follow instructions at the back of the package.

As I opened the package I got an explosion of delicious fruity smell. Freshly sliced pomegranate and cranberries, mmmmm. The product is a rather liquidy red gel, but is easy to apply. As it is red, you get quite a strange appearance when on the face, like a badly sunburnt face! but that is only an illusion, I promise, nothing feels cooler on the face than this mask. The first instant you apply it you get a sensation of immediate skin relief and freshness, very pleasant indeed. I left it on for 20 minutes and laid back to relax. I could definitely feel the mask doing its magic, but it is not itchy or stinging what so ever.

When the mask was completely dry the skin felt quite tight, specially in the centre of the face. The gel turs into a thin film that I could gently and easily peel off. My skin never felt as smooth as I peeled off this mask! The pores were visibly reduced, and the sensation was as if the mask had some kind of soothing effect as well. For any bigger impact on my skin, I guess it will be necessary to re apply this mask weekly for a while. But so far, I'm more than pleased with the results! I guess Montagne Jeunesse has gained a new fan here.

Before and after
 Did you know this brand? Are you specially interested in Vegan and cruelty free products? Have you already taken that 2013 dead skin off your face?  What are you waiting for! I would love to have your feedback!

*One or more of the products featured in this post is a PR sample.