Hello my dears! It's time to bring out all those empty bottles and packages again!


Body Care:
  • The BodyShop Chocomania Body exfoliating cream : Remeber when I finished the Chocomania Body butter that I wasn't very fond of? well I'm even less fond of this exfoliator. It's meant to be used under the shower and be rinsed off. I hate the smell, reall had to force myself to finish the pot. The feeling on the skin is very very nice, but boy! when rinsing of it left a veil of greasiness all over my shower, which is made of glass, so I had to scrub my shower every time I used this, not precisely a moment of grace. It gets a  5/10 and I won't reperchase it!
  •  The BodyShop Honeymania soap With comunity fair trade honey. Delicious! I will used until the last milligram of this soap and buy it again. It's gentle on the skin and cleanses well, and the frangrance is heavenly! 9/10 
  • Clarins Moisture-Rich Body lotion With shea Butter. For dry skin. Very nice on the skin, a little slow to sink in, slightly too rich for my skin but excellent for the dry patches. I hated the packaging, the bottle doesn't have a pump and you need to store the bottle upside down when you used only the half of the bottle. But as its consistency is very thick, butter like, whatever is stuck to the bottom does never come out, so there's quite a waste of product. I give it 7/10 but will not repurchase, I can't stand not to able to use all the product
  • The Body Shop Pomgranate Shower gel Vibrant soap-free cleansing with moisturizing antioxidant rich pomgranate seed oil. You know those dark winter mornings when you think "it looks like midnight outside but I already have to get up" and you drag yourself to the bathroom? Well, take a shower with this and it'll wake you up like a cup of coffe! Warning, do not use the evening before bed, or it'll keep you looking at the ceilling, haha. I love it, 9/10 and will totally repurchase it!

Face Care
  • Shiseido Theskincare. Night Moisture recharge Light For combination skin. Excellent product, as I've already raved of the regular version, I can only rave even more of the light version, which is glorious on my skin. Unfortunately this is no longer available in Switzerland(as far as I know), but if I find it online I'll totally repurchase it. It gets a 10/10 
  • Aveda Pure comfort eye makeup remover oil-free formula gently dissolves makeup. A very gentle remover, does the job without irritating the eyes, though it takes a repeated application to get rid of waterproof makeup. It's adapted to my extremely sensitive eyes, so I would recommend it to anyone with delicate and irritation prone eyes. It gets an 8/10 and of course I would repurchase it.
  • Shiseido Pureness.Deep cleansing foam  Recommended for oily and blemish-prone skin. Great product! It is a little too powerful for my skin which is actually not that oily, but I use it only in the evenings. Its extreme cleansing power allows to remove makeup and cleanse in one step! I then apply toner with a cotton ball and the cotton ends as white as it was no residues on the skin! That is why I will repurchase it. I love it for Summer when my skin is oilier. A little goes a long way, I opened this tube in July and it lasted until now using it daily. 9/10

  • Japonesque ProfessionalBrush cleanser With Parian Spirit. It gets the job done quickly and without hassle, without leaving residues on the brushes, while it conditions the bristles. BUT it smells so rotten, like somebody left hell's door open! Gosh, can't they fix that stinky smell? I promised to myself to never buy this again, but I've tried other cleanser which aren't as efficient actually cleansing the brushes... so this one gets a 7/10 by now and I might get it again in the future, for as long as Makeup forever is not available where I live. I survived to it after all... 
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer potion Eyeshadow base This is a great ,GREAT, primer. If you never had an eye primer before, this one is a very good one. It litterally lasts forever, this tube lasted me more than 2 years, and I'm not sure I got all the product in it. Notice that it's been ages since Urban Decay has change the packaging, so the issues with this format are gone. In my book this gets a 9/10, and will repurchase it for sure. 
  • L'oréal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer Hazel eyes. I like the colour of this mascara so much! It is not brown, yet gentle, and it really gives volume. I like the formula because it's creamy and easy on the eyes, but the chunky brush makes it a bit tricky to apply, and it needs to be wiped off before every application. Other than that I totally recommend it if you're looking a non-black mascara for every day. 7/10 and I might repurchase it.

  • Gemey / Maybelline Dissolvant douceur with Avocado extract without acetone. Not much to say about it that I haven't said before. I keep buying this stuff, but I swear I do not drink it! Get's and 9/10, It's a staple. 
  • Essence Nail art nail polish remover ultra acetone-free. Another staple, more efficient than the Maybelline one but dries the hands and cuticles more. 9/10 
  • The BodyShop Ginger sparkle hand cream Hand moisturizing with ginger extract and community fair trade cocoa butter. I didn't like the smell of this one and I kept putting it away saying "oh, I'll first use up this one and the the ginger one". I'm tossing it before having finished it. It's a LE for Christmas, but I guess TBS will bring it back next holidays. I will not be repurchasing then!
  • Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle treatment What could I say about it that hasn't been said? If you care about perfect looking groomed hands, you need this in your life. I'd give it a 11/10 if that was actually a number. Will repurchase for life, or until there's something better, which I doubt. 

  • La Perla J'aimeEau de parfum This one was given to me as a gift and you know, fragrance is so personal, I wasn't expecting much... well I was soooo wrong! I love it and my hubby does too. It's floral and sweet, but you I can definitely smell a little wood in there, It's a very sensual fragrance without being overpowering. Subtle but persistent through the day. I'm glad my aunt gave it to me, because this is not a brand I would have been curious to try. That was a really great gift, and I might repurchase it, if I ever use up all the bottles I have! LOL  9/10

There is also a bunch of samples I have tried the past months, I have a first impresion on the products but could not write a review, I'll just mention them:

I hope this post is useful to any of you. Do not hesitate to comment if there's any of the products you want to know more about or if you don't agree with my opinion and you hate something I love or vice-versa. I love your comments!