Hello my sweeties!

Welcome to the fifth appointment in the challenge organized by the lovely Francine from The Beauty case blog, Giardino d'Inverno! Came on in...

Today the prompt is "The art of Klimt" a wonderful idea proposed by the creative Rebenice and I have to admit it was difficult for me to skip the nail art. I love Klimt. Ok, let me reformulate that, I love the art of Gustav Klimt. I have one print on canvas a detail of the famous Mohnwiese (Field of poppies) by Klimt, that you may have seen as background in my Makeup routine series. I was hoping to be able to reproduce it on my nails, that was my plan. But that idea would have been too time consuming. As I also have at home a framed poster with a detail of the "Tree of life", also by Klimt, which I love and consider as much more than a simple wall decoration, I finally decided to give it a go, and get inspired by it for doing my nails. Of course you need to use your imagination A LOT.

I started painting two coats of Zoya Jacqueline, and applied one coat of seche vite and wait for it to dry completely. Then using a fine detail nail art brush and OPI What Wizardry is this? I painted the trunk of the tree on the middle finger nail and the swirls representing the branches s on all the other fingers. I like the final result even if it is not very alike to Klimt's masterpiece, but you still get the connection, do you?

Don't forget to check the Pinterest board below to see the ladies creations!

*Banner edited by Gold Francine and Alice Biffi. Original picture source here.