Hello Lovelies! How are you today?
I've got for you a very GLAM-EASY manicure, you know for those special days when you need an eye-catching manicure, a special occasion, party, or just because you fancy it, but there's not enough time to spend on nail art.

I got the L'oréal Color Riche Le nail art in 013 Disco diamond, while buying my grocers, and honestly, I was very curious about the result, but was not hoping too much. These are nail
stickers for the whole nail, with a black base and a kind of Mosaic of grey, silver, and teeny tiny  square holo rhinestones. The look of it in the package is abslutely gorgeous (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of it BEFORE tearing it ...)

 The package contains 18 stickers of different widths. I think most nails will fit in with one or the other size. BUT my impresion is that they're quite narrow for standard nails. I don't believe to have very wide nails but I used the widest in the package, so for ladies with wider nails, you'll have to bare a little gap on the sides if you apply these. Besides the width problem, I think the stickers are pretty long, which is a good point.  They were 1cm longer than my nails. 

I applied them following the instructions and it was easy and quick. Placing the rounded end at the base of the nail and pressing towards the tip, then folding the sticker over the edge of the nail and filing the excess away.

They claim they can last up to10 days, and I could try very hard, but it is just against my nature to keep the same manicure 10 days! would you imagine? So I'm sorry, but I didn't do a very long wearing test for these. I applied this on Saturday afternoon and they lasted impeccable for two days, through all my regular tasks. After 48 hours the first signs of tip wear appeared,and after 4 days there was still no peeling or chipping. But I desperately needed to change!!! I do not know if you could wear these for 10 days, but you could surely go for 6 days without problems.

How have you liked my Glam-easy nails? Have you tried any L'oreal nail stickers yet?  Let me know your opinion!