Among the small treasures I gathered this Spring theres is the celestial Porcelaine by Dior.
What can I say? the picture speaks for itself.

I know what you are thinking, since when am I loving so much pastel blue? PASTEL!!? Me? Oh yes, very unusual for me. I admit it. But if you look closely you'll notice the quality of this nail polish is its translucency. Just as porcelaine. Is it as translucent as a jelly? Nope, I guess this is more of a "crelly" just in between creme and jelly. That rare quality is what makes this nail polish unique to my eyes, very refined and different from any pastel blue I've ever seen.

The formula is a dream to work with. The brush is divine. Best brush ever, hands down. The colour is *almost* opaque in 2 coats. It definitely photographs better with 3 coats. Definitely. In fact, I've used three coats on my pictures, but only 2 coats on my right hand and it looks perfect as well. I think in real life I prefer two coats over three, because with three coats it loses a little that halo of lightness the shade gives.

It dries quite fast, and it is pretty long-wear -at least for me- I already sported this shade three times this Spring one of which during five days, without one single sing of wear, unlike other times I must say this little treasure surely worth the penny.

What do you think about Porcelaine? Have you fallen in love with any colour/nail polish/ makeups this Spring? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Have a lovely weekend :)