Apr 28, 2014

OPI Brasil collection: Where did Suzi's Man-go ?

Hello my lovelies! How is your week starting?
My mum left to Argentina last weekend after staying with us for two months and it was kind of sad. My little one looked sad his grandma was going away and he did not totally understand the whole "distance" explanation. He's already asked "where is grandma" two days in a row, but he seems to take it fine. We shall see.

Today I have a gorgeous shade to share with you, it is really the kind of shade that would cheer me up, it is OPI Where did Suzi's Man-go?, a not-quite-as-pastel melon/orange shade of the Srping Summer collection "Brazil".

I do not know how to explain exactly this shade, my pictures are quite accurate, but is a tad less bright in real life. I guess this is the kind of shade that is too bright to be pastel, yet too light to be definitely "bright" but just in between. Which in my book is exceptionally good.

Let's talk about the formula now. Do you remember my comments about the yellow shade of this collection I just can't cope-acabana? Well, forget all that. This mango/melon/peachy shade applies like a breeze. Two coats of buttery perfection and it's totally opaque, even, and glossy!

If you're a fan of soft orange or melon shades, this one is totally a must have in my opinion. I don't have a large section of peach and orange shades, so I do not own any dupe. All my classic melon colours are less orange and more pastel than this one, so I'm really happy to add this one to my stash.

What do you think about this shade? Would you wear this colour for spring and summer? What other shades are your favourites this season? Let me know your thoughts!



  1. Salut ma belle! This really reminds me of Mango orange - soft yet vibrant - and a total stunner on you!!! I usually don't wear orange but got myself Totes from Picture Polish, rather different from your choice but as well unusualy and not to be compared with traffic vest orange ;-). It must have been so tough to see your mum leaving but how wonderful that you had such a long stretch of time with her - bisous xxx

  2. Thank you Christine, yes it was hard to say goodbye, and my baby wanted to get in the plane too. Even this morning he said "mami n'est pas là, elle est dans l'avion? ok" I don't know how much he understands of this... he's still too young.
    I think Totes is definitely mango fruit colour as I remember it. This OPI it's nothing like I remember the fruit... neither straight orange... but something in between :)
    bisous, xxx

  3. Anonymous28/4/14 11:09

    Love it! Such a pretty orange and such a lovely finish! I am sorry you had to say goodbye to your mom though :-( I know how it feels. X

    1. Thank you Melissa, yes it is always hard :(

  4. Hey Nati, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAVE A LIL ONE! He sounds cuuute! It's always hard to say bye to my mama, so I know how you feel.

    I have many bright orange nail polishes, but nothing remotely close to this! It's lovely for sure.

    1. Hi Sunny, yes, he's 2 years old already!
      Thank you for your sweet comment :-)

  5. I just came back from Belgrade where I stayed with my parents and my sister for Easter holidays... and it was hard when I had to come back, for me and for them :-/ But, we should appreciate every beautiful moment that we had together and hope that soon we could see our family again :-)
    Nice peachy shade, looks good on you! :-)

    1. Thank you Tatjana, I agree with you, we are already planning when we will travel next :)

  6. Ciao cara! What a happy color! I agree with Christine - it looks like mango! :D Baci! xx

    1. Thank you sweetie! I know it is called mango by OPI, but where I come from mangos are much less orange and more yellow.
      baci, xx :D

  7. Que color estaba pensando en buscar a ver si me atrevo.


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