May 3, 2014

Nail Jewellery

Hello lovelies! How are you today? This week the weather is awful in Switzerland, I have been hoping for a little ray of sun to take pictures of the gorgeous Born Pretty Store Luxury Style Nail Crystal Embossed Metal 3D Nail Decorations which are so elegant! But the sun has not shown up and I took the pictures anyway, I hope you get the idea of this beauty all the same.

These 3D decorations are awesome, they come in 2 pieces bag and are very affordable. There are 23 different designs to chose from! Including silver and gold colour metal with bright rhinestones or other elegant details. I have chosen number 19, which is coloured in gold, and has three rhinestones imitating diamonds.

The decorations measure approximately 11 mm width and 16 mm length, if you do not have very long or very short nails it is supposed to cover the whole nail plate. It was very easy to apply, I just added a drop of nail glue to hold the decoration to the nail polish. 

I do not think you could use this decoration for everyday life, it would not stand harsh tasks, obviously this is thought to be worn only for special occasions. I can totally imagine a nailista would adore to wear this decoration on her wedding day, needless to say they look simply divine paired to a soft shade of nail polish, ubberly elegant and refined.

On top of it I think it is great that they cost only 2.99 USD a pair, because then you can party the night out without worrying too much if you end up losing it. Which would not be the case for me if I was wearing real silver or gold jewelry worth 100 USD or more!

I have lover wearing this decorations, I have paired it with OPI William tell me about OPI and I think they look sumptuous as to make you feel like you're a real princess wearing expensive jewellery, lol! Oh, don't mind me...

You can find these Luxury Style Nail Crystal Embossed Metal 3D Nail Decorations and many others jewellery-like nail decorations at Born Pretty Store . Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase (everything in the store including all nail art supplies) by entering my code at checkout: DBL91



  1. Salut ma belle, I just love, love, love those adornments!!! Your hands look wonderful with this beauty on your nails!!! And yes, I can imagine a bride wearing this so well!! Yes weather sucked this week, brrrr and so cold again..... Bisous ma biche xxx

  2. Bonito es negro el esmalte o marrón? la decoración es muy bonita.

  3. Anonymous4/5/14 14:04

    Oh wow, that looks gorgeous! What a unique way of accessorizing!

  4. Awww *__* so amazingly gorgeous and classy!
    I must say I completely adore this kind of nail decoration even if I haven't tried any out yet 'cause I didn't think they could fit my nails as I wish. BTW they looks gorgeous on you and maybe I could give them a's a very small price!

  5. love this nail polish , and glamour deco !

  6. I love that dark purple polish, and even if I probably would be able to wear the jewelry, it looks pretty amazing!

  7. Also I tried many Born Pretty Store nail jewellery :-) These look lovely and elegant! :-)

  8. hahaha - you won't believe it but I've chosen the exact same one, only in silver ;)
    You paired it with a beautiful deep colour - your nails look gorgeous, hun! :D


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