Hello sweeties! How are you? how was your weekend? Mine was fabulous, I had the visit of an old friend mine I haven't seen in ten years! We keep contact on facebook but never had the chance to see each other again. Can you imagine that? She came with her newly born princess and her husband (which I was meeting for the first time) and we spent an adorable evening together. I wish this would happen more often, I really enjoyed a lot with them. I'm looking forward to seeing her again, maybe we will get a chance to do so in June when we will travel to Paris.
Today I'm bringing you a stunning shade, I love, love, love it! It is OPI Amazon... Amazoff from Brazil collection. OPI describes it as "jungle green". Many say it's teal...

Call it what you wish, I call it the perfect shade of green for this spring!

Let's talk about the formula, I have only tested 3 colours from this collection and Amazon... Amazoff has by far (very far) the best formulation. The brush glides heveanly over the nail and the polish spreads as butter, right consistency, opaque in two coats, just a dream to work with.

I applied 2 coats over my regular basecoat (Mavala 002) and topped it with a coat of seche vite. The polish looks like a regular creme in the bottle and on the nail when in the shade, but when the sun strikes it, a totally gorgeous yet infinitely subtle shimmer appears giving the colour another dimension. I'm so loving this effect! It makes it look vibrant and fun during the day on the beach and very chic in the evening. Just the perfect accessory to bring with you on holidays.

What do you think of this shade? have you tried it? do you own anything similar? Let me know your thoughts!