Hi there lovelies! How have you started your weekend?
This is a way too long overdue post about one of my favourite green creme nail polish of all times, Depend # 054 and it is an exotic beauty from Sweden I own thanks to the lovely Little Miss Nail Polish. Thank you Jezz!

A while ago, last Christmas to be precise, I got a lovely surprise from my dear friend Jezzica and, after I fainted for a while, I immediately knew this green was going to be my label polish this Spring. So let me introduce you to its perfect formulation, flawless buttery application.

The unphotographable beauty 054! My camera went bonkers trying to capture this shade, and the fact that it was so late in the evening did not help. In real life the colour is more vibrant, and greener, it is not so turquoise! And may be just a tad darker. These are two coats without topcoat, so pretty!

What do you think about this colour? Do you like this kind of greens?
I wish you a fantastic weekend!