Neon nail art: Tape and gradient manicure

Hello my sweeties! How have you started your week? 
I have a very simple but very bright nail art design I did using some of the colours of the Neon by OPI collection.
This is actually a "revamped" manicure. I started with OPI Life gave me lemons as a base, which I had worn for a day and was dying to add some nail art to it. That means the nail polish qas totally and completely dry. Then I placed some Magic scotch tape on all my finger nails except the pinky, varing a little the angles in which I placed the tape from nail to nail.

I then painted a gradient on a sponge using OPI Juice bar hopping, Hotter than you pink, and Push and Pur-pull and dabbed the sponge directly on my nails. I repeated the process at least twice for each nail to get a nice opacity. I then carefully retired the bits of scotch tape and cleaned all the messy cuticles with a cotton pad damped in acetone free polish remover.

I topped the manicure with a coat of Seche vite, to smooth the design, and tadaaa! I'm specially loving the blue shimmer of Hotter than you pink picking from the blend of colours, sooo pretty!
Let me know what you think about this mani and if you have any idea of what kind of nail art could look cool with these neon colours! I'd love your suggestions :)



  1. OHH, that is beautiful and what a genius idea!!

  2. Anonymous26/5/14 21:24

    Look at those popping colors, very summery indeed! Cute design, too, and so neatly executed.

  3. Oh, I love it very juicy tropical color combination. Great for summer!

  4. Love it!!!! :) summer time *____________*


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