Hello my sweeties! How are you? I'm playing again with my YSL palette Bleues Lumière from their summer look collection. I thought it'd be fun to share with you my makeup today.

I've been using this all week, specially the copper colour just as a wash of colour, and a little dark blue above my upper lash line. But this time I did something else. 

I first tried a "cat eye" liner using the dark and medium blue with a slightly damp brush, but eventually smudged it for a softer look. I always have to keep into account the shape of my eyes when I'm drawing a line all around them.

My particular eye shape (specially the position of my prominent browbone) make my eyeshadow look different if I open or close my eyes. When they're opened looking straight forward, the "crease" colour perfectly frames the eyes. Whilst when closed, that shadow on the crease looks totally misplaced, like if I have a diagonal line dragging my outer corner down and I have a "Droopy" kind of look. If I then close my eyes and try to extend out that crease section blending it to make it look good, when I open my eyes I get the "Panda look" with eyeshadow coming almost to my eyebrow. That is because I do not have tons of space between my crease and my eyebrow. 

(very bad) artificial light

(very bad) artificial light

Why do I tell you all this. Well, it is because I'm quite pleased with my looks until I see the pics. Then it seems every little defect is so visible. I know I'm not a pro, I do my best and I count on improving. I do prefer applying my eye makeup while my eyes are opened because that is how I am most of the time: eyes opened and smiling. I'm a smiley person :)

Later I thought I would add a tiny bit of dark blue shadow to the outer corner of the eye and blend and this was the result. A bit more definition and more evening appropriate look.

Here s what I have used:
- NYX HD Photogenic concealer CW04 Beige
- Milani eyeshadow primer
- YSL Blues lumiere palette
- Lancôme precious cells bleu nuit

- NYX Above & beyond full coverage concealer in 04Beige
- YSL Le teint touché éclat BD40
- Benefit Hello flawless compact powder Beige
- Makeup Forever HD Powder
- Guerlain Crazy Terracotta

- NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Smokey Look

I like playing with makeup and sharing with you, specially because you're so kind and supportive, it is encouraging.

Love you sweeties!