When I was young I was a babe.
Well, I'm exaggerating a bit, of course, but what I mean is I felt comfortable and self-confident with my whole being, including my body and appearance. With time things have change, specially my body, and I must admit this is having very bad impact on my self-esteem and my general mood. So about one month ago I decided to try and take control over it, because I can't continue feeling this bad about myself.

This will be a very narcissistic post indeed... well they're basically pictures of me, lol. Yep, all this is about a comparison of my figure during the past ten years while I've kept putting on weight.The point here is to show you my evolution, and the bigger I got the lower my self esteem. I want to make clear now I do not have alimentary disorders and I do not suffer from obesity, so I do not want to add unnecessary drama to this issue. I used to be happy with my body and now I feel awkward, weaken, and clumsy in my skin. I don't like what I see in the mirror and it is mostly because of the low self esteem than the actual mirror image. One could be chubby and perfectly happy. But for some reason I am not.

My self esteem has dropped significantly since I can no longer wear my pretty outfits and I don't like what I see on the mirror. I was never skinny in my life, and I don't want to be. Just normal. I use to like myself and this is no longer the case. I post now one picture per year for the past ten years.

About a month ago I joined a group of Argentine friends in facebook with the common goal of adopting a healthier way of living, more sporty and outdoor activities and healthier food, in the aim of loosing weight but also feeling better with ourselves. I can't begin to tell how much good this has done to me! The first 4 weeks I lost 4.5kg and that was just eating healthy and exercising a bit, I was not starving or anything! I'm taking it easy but steadily. 

All this has a purpose, it's not that I like that kind of exposure, but in a sense I believe sharing with you is necessary for myself. I believe It'll give me some extra motivation I'm lacking to lose weight and have my slim-ish figure back. This exposure it's suppose to give me some sort of "extra-commitment" with my project. There's another reason and it's that I plainly need encouragement.

You're witnesses now, so I will not have the excuse to be self-indulgent, knowing so, it'll might push me to really go for it!!!

Do you struggle with your weight/health/body shape or anything similar? What things help you regain confidence on yourself (other than makeup and pretty nails, hihi)? Do not hesitate to leave your opinion, suggestion or simply your encouragements, that'd make me a great deal of good.

PS. If I ever re-think about it and find this is not really helping me or stimulating me in the way I hoped, I'll just delete the post, as simple as that.