Hello my lovelies! Long time no see? well, I had some "Life" issues lately. But today I have great, FABULOUS news, Zoya new Summer collections are available in Switzerland! And as Zoya Switzerland loves my readers they offer you a 20% discount coupon!!
First I want to apologize for my long absence, the past days have not been easy, but things are slowly going back to "normal". Let's cheer up wiht some fantastic nail polish colours!!

Here you are the lovely Zoya Tickled collection for Summer, six bright and cheerful creme shades to choose from.

From left to right : Ling, is a true blue cream, Zoya Tilda, a "mantis" green creme, Zoya Rooney a hollywood pink creme,Zoya Kitridge is a bright carnation pink, Zoya Wendy is a lovely Tickle pink creme, Zoya Rocha a folly red creme.

Here is Ling, of which I'm showing two coats without topcoat. I took a pic in the shade as well to show you how glossy it is.

Zoya Tilda, so pretty and quite unique green creme! I don't think I have a dupe in my stash, and green is my second favourite colour! I did two coats and I like it's glossy even without topcoat.

Zoya Rooney is my favourite in this collection! Surprised? I love this hollywoodpink creme, I have many pink cremes, but this one is nothing like the ones I have! The hue is unique and the formula is perfect, not as thick as Ling and Tilda, it was a true pleasure to apply. Showing two coats with topcoat (I'm planing on wearing this for a long time! hihi).

I first thought Kitridge somewhat reminded me of Essie knockout pout, but when I compared those, nope, it wasn't the case! Kitridge it's totally different, lighter and even brighter!! I love it. (I need to add the comparison pic, but it's raining and I can't get a good shot). Wendy has wonderful consistency, and flawless application, it is a great colour too!

Zoya Rocha is the trendiest of the bunch, a mix of dark orange and coral with the slightest hidden shimmer, this one is a must-have this season! and this shade has the best formulation of the bunch, you could easily get away with one coat if you're really in a hurry, but I always recommend two, because it makes the mani last longer.

All the colours are very pigmented and opaque in one coat, the consistency of Ling and Tilda is a bit on the thick side, but totally manageable, but for a flawless and even finish I recommend to use two coats. The drying time is decently fast even without fast drying drops or topcoats.

All these colours are available either through selected salons or on the website http://www.zoyacolorfashion.ch/ where the entire Zoya product range is available. Recommended retail price is 21 CHF per bottle, but as you are MY readers you can get 20% off in four purchases (valid through 31st december 2014) by entering the following code at checkout:


Free shipping is available for orders of 100CHF and up. (Currently Zoya Switzerland delivers only within Switzerland).

Do you like creme nail polishes? Do you have any favourites in this collection? Let me know your thoughts!