Happy Friday my lovelies! We are almost at the end of August, and the weather here is very autumnal :( But I'm not ready for Fall yet! (Who is?) I still want warm days and sunshine... we didn't have much of that this summer, but I got a little Diorskin Nude Shimmer that is almost as summer in a compact ♥

I simply love this shimmery powder. Though is quite shimmery is not all over the place, and gives a very subtle effect in my opinon. The shade "amber" is warm toned, with golden undertones, reminding me of honey.  

This powder has a lovely effect, disguising imperfections, and thoug it is almost invisible in the shade it turns into a glamourous glow under the sun. But of course, Dior shimmer is never too much, this is "chic" shimmer, and I can't have enough of it!
Summer, please, STAY!

Have you try the Nude shimmer from Dior? or any other shimmer from other brands? Do you like shimmer at all? Let it all out!