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Hello Sweeties! Today I want to share with you my latest addition to my makeup routine, the new YSL Fusion Ink foundation, also known as "Encre de peau". I am so impressed with it that couldn't wait to share my thoughts about it with you!

It seems there has been a big hype about this. Well, I do read makeup and fashion blogs, and honestly I never heard a word about this foundation until a couple of weeks ago when I got it. May be was I very distracted by personal stuff, or something else. But that is not totally bad news for you because that means my opinion is totally hype-ness free!
My combination to dry skin does not get along with matte longlasting foundations, because they make my dry patches more evident and look cakey only few hours after application. That is why I always look for slightly "dewy" finishes. But when I read about this new formula, I definitely HAD to try.

The packaging is very luxurious, as YSL makeup usually is. This one is a matte glass rectangular botle with black painting recalling YSL tuxedo elegance, topped by a wonderfull golden cap. The applicator is an innovative anti-drip "quill" which some may find unpractical, but as the very liquid-y formula of the foundation would not allow for a normal pump, this seems a nice compromise and a great alternative to otherwise "nothing at all" as some foundations have. Once I got used to the applicator it was very easy to handle and mess free.

The foundation promises:

"Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation is a ground-breaking response to a modern beauty demand; the call for trustworthy, perfect coverage and long-wear, but without compromising with a heavy or cakey texture. Yves Saint Laurent has transformed the cosmetic landscape with a cutting-edge, high-efficacy formula, which combines patented advances in texture, colour and active ingredients.
The Texture - Fusion:
Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation contains a combination of sensorial and volatile oils which, upon contact with the skin, evaporate away – leaving only a veil of perfect pigment behind. These oils also make application a deliciously sensorial experience.

The texture, as I said, is very liquid, and super light, however it does not set immediately and leaves you the time to work it on the skin for a flawless coverage. I prefer to apply the foundation doing some dots with the applicator on my face and then buff it in with a stippling brush for a perfect finish. 

It has a light to medium coverage that looks very natural on the skin and that can be built up on those areas where you need more coverage. It doesn't sit on my pores, and it does not accentuate fine lines, the feeling is sort of hydrating though it is a matte foundation with a velvety but somehow luminous finish. I do not know what is the magic in there but it works. I do not even feel the need of adding powder except for those bits where I use concealer, that is a HUGE advantage for me, because powder tends to "crack" on my dry skin after a while and makes me look 102 years old.

Through the day I never do touch ups (lazy gal) and the most cruel test of longevity for any foundation is in the evenings after putting my boy to bed, I look at my face on the bathroom mirror and usually say "oh, gosh you look like crap". But now... well now I find my skin still looks very pretty after 12 hours of application

You have already seen this foundation in action on my look wearing Dior Trafalgar palette:

I usually love YSL foundations, I was a fan of  Le teint resist, Le teint touche éclat, and of Youth liberator, but this one.. this one is beyond loving. Paraphrasing the lovely Melissa, I would say this one is my Holy Grail foundation. 

Do not get carried away by my enthusiasm, and always test foundations before buying. Every skin type is different and has different needs, so this particular one might not suit you. This is only my particular experience with the product.

Were you aware of the hype about this foundation? Have you tried this foundation already? Were you thinking about trying it? Let me know what you think about it!