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Hello lovelies! How are you today? I am still playing with my Zoya matte nail polishes and today I'd like to show you a mani using golden foil from Born pretty store. This manicure is not about "perfect" but about "effect"!! I guess it would be much better appreciated seen from afar than in the close-up pictures. 

Last year, during my blogging brake, I ordered this gold and silver foils duo from Born Pretty Store for testing them. These come in two small round plastic containers which I appreciate because the foil is not completely flat as if it was packed in plastic envelopes.  Each containers holds a very thin sheet of  golden or silver foil (10 x 10 cm approx) and this would be enough for doing several manicures with each sheet. These are very delicate, so you need to handle them with care or they will break. Ideally do not wear lotion on your hands when handling the foils, otherwise they will sitck to your skin a tear!

The manicure I've done is very simple and quickly done! Ideal for a last minute mani. I started with two thin coats of Zoya Savita from Zoya Matte velvet collection, then placed small pieces of golden foil mostly in the center of the nail. I tore the pieces with the tip of a dotting tool, but a toothpick would work as weel (or even better!). I had to work quickly because the matte nail polish dries extremely fast. So I worked one nail at the time. The manicure would last very long if you work with regular topcoat. But that would defeat my idea of having matte nails! So eventually I could have added a coat of matte topcoat to prevent anything from damaging the foil part.

I like very much the final effect and the contrast between the matte polish and the shiny foil! The  2pcs of golden and silver nail art foil are in offer now and retail for only 1.95 USD at Born pretty store.
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I hope you've liked this review. Please, leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!