Hello! Happy Friday my sweeties!!
Did you know I have an Instagram account? Well, the thing is all new to me, some of you already followed me there (thank you!!!) but If you haven't and you'd like to be in touch, please, follow! I'll follow you back!

May is already here and in no time my baby will be born *impatient*. I am going to take (at least) two weeks off blogging around the 10th of May. I have some scheduled posts just in case the little one arrives earlier :) but then I don't know when I'll restart or how I will feel about restarting blogging. So I thought to create an Instagram account to share and be in touch with you without the hard work and sentiment of "duty" that blogging involves.

I found nice the idea of doing a monthly Instagram recap, I usually love to read this kind of posts in other blogs, so I'll give myself a chance here! Let's see the highlights of April:

My baby bump kept growing!

Although I was already feeling HUGE I still managed to dress decently with no-pregnancy specific clothes during the month of April. Believe you me, it is not the case right now! :P

Nice & yummy family moments during Easter

This year my 3 year-old surprised us with this Easter basket made and decorated by him "all by himself" because now he is a "big boy" ;) At kindergarten they baked some bunny shaped bread made by the children, decorated the eggs, and the baskets. The Easter bread with raisins was delicious! 

Like every year I made my traditional "Rosca de Pascua" a special cake  for the Easter Season. Well, this time I made two! The only thing left on Easter Monday was the picture, so I guess they have liked it ;)

Some nail art has already been carefully planned!

As I've been thinking to improve the quality of my nail art designs, I started planning them and practicing on plastic wheels. Until now I just had a rough idea in my head and went for it directly on the nails, but it did not always turn out great :/  I'd like to write more about this "nail art planning" thing, I might write a separate post.

Yummy findings in the supermarket :)

For many years (11 to be exact) I have been living without this, I could only get it by traveling to Argentina or when my relatives came to visit. When I saw this at my usual supermarket, I could barely contain my excitement!! This is Dulce de Leche, an Argentine traditional kinda-caramel-jam made with milk and sugar. Compared to Nutella, this is healthy food!! Low fat (only 3.5%), high carbs, very sweet, deliciously vanilla-caramel tasting, it is used to be spread on bread for breakfast (if you like) but also for filling cakes, cupcakes, crêpes, pancakes, or as ingredient in so many recipes! 
Ok, I am hungry now... 

Nail Mail!!

I got a MoYou London voucher and free shipping, so these babies "had to" come home to me. I hope I can show them to you soon in some nail art !

Being spoiled by hubby ♥♥♥

I have already posted about theseand also done some nail art with them!!

I have reviewed some neat products

I don't want to bore you, but of all the things I have reviewed this month (including stamping plates, OPI Infinite Shine, Eyeshadow palettes, hair care products, and lip products) these three little bottles are the only that have IMPRESSED me above all! I can't recommend them enough.

Started a new project ;)

I have started a VERY AMBICIOUS project of swatching my whole collection. There are many, many, many nail polishes (no, I am not telling you how many) and I hope to finish before my kids go to uni :P
Well, the thing is my stash has got bigger than I expected. The swatches you see on the picture are "only" my April's new in O_O !! A couple of years ago I had swatched my collection entirely on round nail wheels, but since then my collection has quadrupled! and things are totally out of control. Will surely post about this project soon!


I must admit I am not yet used to snapping pictures of my life to share on Instagram (or to be snapping pics of my life tout-court). In fact I think the most beautiful and exciting moments are not shown at all! haha. Somehow, I only think of taking pictures when it is somehow related to blogging... so yes, not much of private-private life here... I guess it takes a while to get used to it.

Are you on Instagram? Do you like this social media? how do you use it, mostly for your blog related stuff or for your private life moments, or both? What was the month of April like for you? Hahaha so many questions, please answer them if you want to, of course! and I'll be very happy to know a little more about you!