Don't we all dream about having young strong shiny hair for the rest of our lives? Well, if you are  very young you might not care much, but I have past 30 a while ago and let me tell you my hair has suffered over the years and has lost a lot of its best qualities. Don't let me even get started with how much my hair has suffered after giving birth with my first child, so I don't expect any better right now with my second child!!  In fact, hormonal changes are to blame for the hair getting thinner and sparse, lifeless etc. But this time I AM PREPARED!! I am armed with the Hair Youth Serum from Kérastase, want to know what it can do to make hair look "younger"? keep reading!

After giving birth and breast feeding my first child, it took me over a year to recover from the hair loss I suffered but the fibers of my hair got thinner and never came back to their "original state". Having had my second child three weeks ago, I couldn't be more thrilled to try  Kérastase Hair Youth Serum!

This is a very liquidy serum that comes in a very fancy glass bottle with a pump, which is supposed to be applied daily on the roots and lengths of your hair and promises to improve the density, volume, shine and manageability of hair from the very first use. It also claims to give denser hair after 3 months of treatment. Besides all that it smells deliciously fresh. What's not to love about that?

The Serum contains a very powerful anty-oxidant called ANTI-OX CELLULAR which can preserve the pigmentation of the fibers (avoiding hair getting gray) and this thanks to ferulic acid, vitamin C and E and UV filter combination. To complete the antioxidant agents the Serum also contains a molecule called Stemoxydine®, that helps increasing density of the hairs and ceramids that restore shine and texture. 

But does it do what it claims?

I have been using it for three weeks and let me tell you I couldn't be happier with the results so far!! My hair does look much better than I expected with all the hormonal changes I am going through. It looks voluminous and shiny, although I couldn't really say the fibers have got much denser, but I will certainly continue the treatment for the whole three months to find out, and will update you then, I am trying to take pics periodically so I will show you the evolution.

Do I have something negative to say about it? Well, not really, BUT the treatment requires the serum to be applied very generously every single day, which makes the bottle of 120ml to be used up very quickly. I'd say for a three month treatment you'll need three or four bottles (depending on the length of your hair) and of course it is not precisely a cheap product. That being said, if this happens to work, after three months it will be a huge economy compared with all the products I tried in the past and did nothing for me!

Are you struggling with thinning hair? Have you tried Kérastase Dénsifique Hair Serum Youth? I am very excited with the result for now and I can't wait to see further resutls!