Jun 1, 2015

Born Pretty Store Organizer for XL stamping plates

Hello my lovelies! How are you today?
In nail art territory, the stamping technique has made a "come back" in full force undoubtedly due to the appearance in the market of the rectangular "XL plates", launched first by MoYou London, and then spread a bit everywhere. Born Pretty store has released its own series of rectangle plates of an outstanding quality and an unbeatable price. By now I know I have several rectangular plates, and the question today is HOW TO ORGANIZE THEM?? Let me introduce you to BORN PRETTY Plate Organizer, a great solution for storing and organizing your rectangular plates!
Born Pretty Store plate holder can hold 20 Born Pretty Store plates (130mm x 70mm) and 40 plates from other brands such as MoYou London or Bundle monster (or any brand that does not exceed the measures : 125mm x 65mm).

The cover looks very resistant, but supple, the material is soft and very light, it does not add weight to the whole (it can get quite heavy if you load 40 plates in there! no need for the holder to be heavy itself). It is closed by a press button.

The slots are made of resistant translucent plastic, allowing you to see through the designs on the plates.

The Organizer comes in a gorgeous hotpink shade and it is the smaller holder I own, which makes it very practical as it can be easily stored or carried .

 The   BORN PRETTY Plate Organizer retails for only 13.99 USD at  Born pretty store, but it is now on sale at only 8.95 USD!! and of course the shipping is free.
Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase (except discounted articles) by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

What do you think of this organizer? Would you be interested in getting one?


  1. It's very useful - at first you may think you'll manage without it and when you have it you see its handy!

  2. Yes it would definitely be useful for me, and it's so cute. .-)

  3. My only concern was if this would fit my Moyou plates too, since they're all over the place - well, after reading this I'm off to place my order! :)

  4. Very useful! I will need something like that now that the number of my plates has increased

  5. Que belleza, todo ordenadito. Aunque me daría lástima tirar los sobrecitos de las moyou jajaja

  6. It looks very practical and useful :-) I'm waiting for my BPS rectangular stamping plates organizer to come to my address! :-)

  7. Wow, mi piace l'idea di un'agenda per ordinare le piastrine dello stamping!

  8. I don't own so many rectangular plates but my collection is growing and growing, so with the time this organizer will be perfect for me too!

  9. I don't own any large plates because I am a stamp-a-phobe and stamping terrifies me but this looks so practical and convenient. I may have to look at their organizers for smaller plates after seeing this :) xx

  10. this is practical case, but i dont have !

  11. ooooh, questo porta plates mi serve *_*


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