Hello Sweeties! How are you? We are enjoying such a wonderful weather in Switzerland these days that it seems a total pity not to be out enjoying the sunshine. That is why I haven't been reading your blogs lately (bad, bad girl, I know!). I would usually do it in the evenings, but for the time being the new born does not allow me to do anything but to take care of her in the evenings!
Well, I'm thankful I have time to share with you the new Rouge Dior Brillant that are my new makeup love :)
The Rouge Dior Brillant Lipshine & care are quite pigmented lipglosses that also provide skincare to your lips. Dior launched this line for Spring carrying 15 shades (at least the ones I know  which are available in Switzerland, and as I was at the counter I couldn't resist and brought home two of them: 999 the Classic signature red of the house, and 808 Victoire, a gorgeous peach-y soft apricot shade which is so freaking flattering!

Rouge Dior Brillant in 999

Rouge Dior Brillant in 808 Victoire

I'm a lipgloss gal, you know it by now, so these two are lipgloss heaven for me! They apply wonderfully and last quite a bit (of course do not expect super long wear, these are not meant for that). The glossiness is amazing, and I love the subtle shimmer on them as it adds a bit of depth to the colours.

If you were expecting these would be more like full coverage lip lacquers, well I am afraid you'll be disappointed. These are sheer, but decently pigmented. 999 is super chic, and I definitely have to try it on top ot Dior Rouge 999 lipstick, I think this one is a must have!  808 Victoire is my new go to lipgloss, it has found a spot in my daily routine, I find it perfect for everyday pop of color, and it is such a spring-y shade.

Please, see below the swatches of my picks from Rouge Dior Brillant, on top 999, bottom 808 Victoire.

Here below is 999:

In the picture below I show you 808 Victoire:

I can't have enough of these babies, and need to be strong not to splurge in more colours, because my wallet is going to cry soon, hahaha.
Have you succumbed to the charms of these gorgeous lipglosses? Which one would you/have you picked? Please, don't be shy and leave me a comment!