Some are fancy, some are handy, some turn makeup application into an exquisite experience, others just get the job done. My addiction enthusiasm for makeup also include tools, and I have brushes galore: for different textures of foundation, for contouring, for bronzer, for blush, for powder and cream products, let alone the smaller brushes for eyemakeup, so on and so forth. I don't have a huge collection of brushes, or exotic brands, but I do care for mine and I thought I would share my favorite with you.

First, let me show you the brushes I own:

Now, let's talk about the ones I actually use and how I used them. I prefer certain brushes over others and with time I have learnt (and continue to learn) to use them better and in a more adapted way to my skin type and makeup needs. I can't afford very special brushes but mine are not terribly bad quality either. On a daily basis I only use five brushes :P LOL


(From top to bottom)
Real techniques revolutioned my makeup life with the Expert face brush. I L-O-V-E it. It is dense enough, small enough, big enough, soft enough, firm enough, and affordable enough. When I am too lazy to wash it I grab Sigma Angeld top kabuki F84 that is also fine, but a pain in the rare end to clean.
I don't use a stippling brush very frequently, and Sigma duo fibre F50 is certainly not the best. I got it in a set and is the only stippling brush I have and becomes handy with certain foundations like YSL Fusion Ink.


(From top to bottom) I use Sigma Tapered highlighter F35 very frequently for setting the concealer in the undereye area, but I wish I had the Wayne Goss one.

Wayne Goss #11 is my favorite brush for anything powder. I can apply setting powder beautifully, blush or bronzer, I use it daily and multipurposely ;)

Sigma F30 Large powder is the clumsiest powder brush ever conceived... for the face. But I use it for the body! in those special ocassions I highlight/bronze/apply glitter (?) to shoulders and/or décolleté.

Blush, bronzer and highlighter

(From top to bottom) Real technique Blush Brush is great for applying blush and blending contour lines, it is one I use daily. Sigma Tapered Kabuki F86 is also a great option for contouring with cream or powder products ar highlighting with cream products.

I lov eSigma Small contour F05 for delicate contouring with powder and the tapered highlighter F35 for highlighting with powder.

The little Gerlain brush at the bottom is my oldest friend but soooo good as new, I use it for my compact meteorites.

Eyes, lips and eyebrows

Wow that's a lot!

Concealer, lipstick and cream eyeshadows

I don't usually use a brush for concealer, I apply it directly with the product wand and work it with my fingers. In case I want a flawless lipline I use Sigma F75 Concealer and Sigma L05 Lip, I use it only when swatching lipsticks.
For cream eyeshadow I find very useful the Sigma E25 Blending, after struggling with different brushes this one made me love cream formulas even more.


(From top to bottom) I use Sigma Pencil E30 for details in the outer corner of the eye or highlighting the inner corner. The one I use the daily is the Sigma E55 Eye shading, is great for applying the color on the mobile eyelid. Then Wayne Goss 03, 06 and (the one I use daily) 04 are great for blending so creating smokey looks as easy as cake.


(From top to bottom) For applying gel eyeliner I use either Sigma Eyeliner E11 or Sigma Waterline liner E12. For smudging my eyeliner (which is the look I use the most) I use Sigma Smudge E21, but I have several other small brushes that can replace this one (just in case ;)


(From top to bottom)
I use Sigma Small angle E65 to apply the eyebrow powder and for grooming my eyebrows I use Sigma E90 Brow and Lash.

So those are my beloved brushes. Which are yours? Which are your go-to brands for makeup brushes? Let me know your thoughts!