Jul 24, 2015

Longevity test for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel -No lamp-

Changing the manicure often is not compatible with my current life. I knew this was coming beforehand so I hurried to find a solution and I looked into those new ranges of nail polish that last very long and don't need to be cured with LED or UV lamps. So far I have tested Essence The Gel nail polish and OPI Infinite Shine, and wasn't totally convinced. Today is the turn to reveal my test with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel -no lamp-!

A couple of months ago I tested the longevity of this Sally Hansen Miracle gel Pretty piggy and never got around to publish the review. 

Sally Hansen proposal for longer lasting manicure is similar to the OPI's and the Essence's alternatives in that you only need your nail colour and your special topcoat for a gel-like manicure. Unlike the other two brands I tested, Sally Hansen Miracle gel -no lamp- does not include a special base coat. I used Sally Hansen Diamond strenght nail hardener as a base.

one hour after painting my nails

Pretty piggy is a lovely and bright coral pink creme which application wasn't as easy as I expected. The formula is on the thick side and not very good self-levelling. I started with a thin coat and it took another two coats to look smooth. I then applied a coat of the Miracle gel topcoat and wait for it to dry. It wasn't as fast drying as the OPI or the Essence the gel topcoat. In fact it seemed VERY SLOW drying, after 1 hour my manicure was still "dentable". I hated that.

Wear and longevity:
I'll let the pics do the talking(if you wish, click to enlarge)

After 3 days of wear the nail polish was still decently glossy and without chips. The tip wear was fairly visible though.

On day 6 looking at my hands just hurt my eyes. Several chips, awful tipwear and faded gloss. I should have removed it on day 5.

I did not enjoy the application and hated the long drying time. Five days of wear is not remarkable but boy the colour range is soooo pretty! I got another colour and will try it with a fast drying topcoat to see how it works. 

I wouldn't say I give my hands excesive hard work. I don't garden, I don't wash dishes, I do have two small children though. I am starting to suspect that it is my nails who don't like these nail polishes. So what now? Are my options finished? I've heard China Glaze has a similar range but they don't distribute it where I live, any ideas how I could get my hands on those? If you have tried tthe Miracle gel -no lamp- range and have some suggestion or advice that'd be very welcome. Also if you know of another nail polish brand with similar polish that actually lasts 7 days without lamp and with nice colours, please please leave a comment!



  1. I have only tried the Essence ones and I really do like them :) I think I saw a base coat for those though.. it could have been the top coat.. I need to investigate.
    I have been eyeing these Sally Hansen ones but I have not bought any of them.. they do have some amazing colors though but they are SO EXPENSIVE here..
    We have two stores here in Vasa where I live where they sell OPI polishes and one of these stores are now replacing OPI with the Sally Hansen No Lamp polishes :(

    1. they are pretty expensive here too, but less that OPI. Well I think I'll just keep on searching for the perfect formula!

  2. I read many opinions about slow drying of this series. Hehe, Polish Colour Alikes lasted the best on me.

    1. that is good to know Aneta! I'll try to find that brand here. Do you know any online store where to buy?

  3. pretty nice color and apt for summer

    1. It is indeed! I just wish it lasted a bit longer

  4. They are a little pricey and the wear time is also not that impressive but they have some pretty awesome shades.

  5. Me encanta ese tono, ahora para verano favorece un montón

    Un beso

  6. Another nail polish that doesn't live up to the claims but I must say that shade is sooooo pretty! I'm not sure about China Glaze, I've tried a couple and must say I'm not a huge fan of them. The nail polish is not opaque and applies streaky, maybe it's just the colour that I have?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. Interesting test - but not very impressive for the polish LOL

  8. I LOVE the shade, I guess for those wanting a really long lasting manicure it might not live up to expectations but I would love to wear a shade like this and long lasting doesn't bother me :D xx

  9. Shame it didn't last :-(

  10. Ma che bel colore, così luminoso! Peccato per la durata non eccelsa...

  11. Anonymous25/7/15 11:42

    Ooooh what a shame! Especially because the color is SO pretty! :-(


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