Another month has gone and it is time to look at those empty bottles again!

Essence Essence Studio nails fast dry top sealer Better than gel nails fast dry top sealer. This was renamed by the brand and this one was my last backup bottle. I wrote about it here since Essence released a gel-nailpolish a "better than gel nails" thing was less than appropriate on their range. Now it is called "Ultra gloss nail shine" in their "Studio nails" range, it's the same formula I've been told, but I haven't tried it yet because I have purchased The Gel nailpolish topcoat instead.

The Body Shop Blue Berry body butter. Special edition: With cold-pressed blueberry seed oil from North America. I am fan of TBS body butters, that's not secert! So I like to try different ones every time because I fully trust in their performance. This one was a great one, super hydrating and not sticky at all just right for my dry skin and very comfortable for spring (although a bit too rich for summer). While getting to the bottom of the pot I was having enough of the candy-fruity scent (which is not that overpowering btw) and I'm glad to have switch to the much fresher scent of the Green Tea line.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique: Youth Activating Concentrate. Before purchasing this one I used several samples of this serum, and finally got a great deal and bought the biggest bottle. I have loved using this, it lasted me 8 months using it am and pm so it really lasted a lot. My skin looked great, pores and fine lines reduced, elasticity improved, brightness too, and I also felt it a little firmer. I shall say probably my best skin EVER (well I was also pregnant during most of the time, so the hormones might have influenced :P). It is quite pricey, so I'll wait for a good deal before repurchasing, but this is definitely worth the splurge.

Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B vitamin. Revitalizing and strengthening:  you know I love the brand so I simply had to try this version for thinning hair and hair loss. I've heard this was a "male" shampoo (?) but the brand does not specify it so I just assume it's for everyone. This one is very mild on the scalp and hair, but I do notice it doesn't pamper my dry lengths and ends like the mango one. Although my hair does feel soft and looks shiny and healthy, that could also be the remains of pregnancy hair. But I'm about to hit month 3 postpartum which is when the big hormonal change occurs (in my case, while I'm breastfeeding), it happened with my first child, so now I'm trying to prevent all that hair loss (by all means) .So far so good. I'll keep you updated. 

Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleanser: antibacterial sanitizer for natural and synthetic brushes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I have tried several spot cleanser for brushes, so I can cleanse them right after each application and prolong a bit the time of deep cleanse/wash. So far the best I've tried is the MUFE version, which I can't find anymore, so this one is my second favorite! Cleanses and desinfect brushes very well, dries fast (in case you want to reuse your brush immediately after) and the scent disappears after it dries, (unlike other products I've tested). I totally recommend it if you're concerned about bacteria on your brushes or if you have acne or other skin issues that required maximum hygiene.

Chanel Lotion Confort Silky soothening toner: Comfort + anti-pollution. Alcohool free. I love to use this toner together with other products from Chanel's range but of course I can't always repurchase (they're pricey for my budget) so when they finish I'm all kinds of sad :(
(I wrote about it here)

NYX Doll Eye Mascara Volume: Black. I wrote about how much I loved this mascara longtime ago here. It no longer exists in the NYX range and this one was my last backup tube. I haven't tried other mascaras from the brand yet so I cannot advice on replacements for this one. 

Have you tried any of these products? Which are your suggestions, opinions experiences? Which products have you finished up lately? Let me know everything in the comments!