Hi gorgeousness! I have a LOT of new cosmetics to try lately and, very unlike me, I have more opened products than I can actually use up. Nevertheless I managed to finish some last month, so let's talk about some empty stuff!

Clarins  "Special" Eye contour Balm. Softens fine lines. Dry Skin. I got this cream because at one point my lids got really dry (I guess the skin reacted to one or the other cream eyeshadow, but I can't pin that down) and this cream did an awesome job moisturizing and reparing the skin of my lids. I don't think it does anything to fine lines though, but if you suffer from dryness around the eye area and you do not need any specific anti-age treatment I can recommend this cream. It is also quite affordable comparing with other eye creams.

Kérastase Densifique Hair Youth Serum I wrote a review about this product and was satisfied with it. Unfortunately at the begining of August my hair started falling off like crazy. Four weeks later my hair is still shedding like there is no tomorrow, and I'm starting to think I'll be soon competely bold :( However something I notice is the really short hair growing there where there should be bold patches. IF that is due to this serum.. I cannot confirm, but just to let you know with my first child I lost a whole lot of hair and bold patches remained several months, and it wasn't until one year later that new hair started to grow. So I suppose the (several) products I am using are definitely helping speed up the process of new growth, so I will continue using them and I will soon write a post recaping all of them.

Klorane Conditioner with quinine and B vitamins. Strengthening and detangling. Thinning hair, complementary to hair loss treatment This is part of my "anti-hair loss" bunch of cosmetics. I got it because they recommend to use this together with the shampoo. While I love the shampoo and how it leaves my hair, I do not love this conditioner. Does not really detangle (and believe me my hair does almost not tangle). It smells nice though, and the fortifying effect has not been yet verified on me, but trith is I'm in a "loosing hair" phase, so I suppose I will use another tube of this to see how it goes, although I do not love it.

NYX  Full Coverage concealer Light  weight, crease free. Provides smooth, long lasting coverage in CJ04 Beige. It does what it says. I have already talked about this several times and is one staple I always come back to.

Le Petit Marseillais Shower gel Sève d'aloe Vera & Fleur de Pommier This shower gel is very nice, please read my review on it! But now that the bottle is finished I do have a COMPLAINT. The huge 400ml bottle just run out so quickly! It was gone in two weeks. The packaging is NOT user friendly, specially for three-year-old kids that insist on doing all by themselves, including pouring the shampoo/shower gel/etc. A pump would be much more convenient in my opinion.

Lancôme Bi-Facil Non oily instant cleanser. Sensitive eyes. I do like this eye makeup remover, it is effective and mild on sensitive eyes. What I do not like is the price tag so I will not repurchase for now (unless I get a good deal ;-)

Have you try any of these products before? any bad experiences with products lately? What have you used up lately that is worth mentioning?
I'd love to read your opinions!