I try so many different products that I have become a very exigent consumer, a very picky one. That's the truth. Natural, organic, vegan, are qualities I search more and more when it comes to choose skincare. I have recently tried the Swiss brand "Reficis" which satisfies all those demands. I was very curious to know what they had to offer and their Moisturizing serum is a total hit!

Reficis is a Swiss brand that makes very high quality Vegan products. Their new line is called "Soie-douce" which is French for "soft silk".
The Soie-douce line is 100% Vegan, eco friendly, natural and cruelty free! You can hardly ask more to a brand.
- Ingredients from Fair Trade
- Non tested on animals
- At least 97% of natural ingredients
- At least 70% of active ingredients (which is so high!)
- Formulated with organic vegetal oils
- No Sulfates, silicone, parabens  or artificial colorants
- It does not contain phenoxyethanol

After this impressive presentation, let's get a closer look at the Moisturizing Serum I've been using for the past two weeks.

Sérum hydratant (50 ml) Moisturizing Serum

This serum is aimed to hydrate and prevent the loss of water in the epidermis. It hydrates, softens and regenerates the skin thanks to Swiss Bio Mallow and hyaluronic acid.
It mains active ingredients are
- Organic mallow
- Organic hawthorn
- Organic grapeseed oil
- Organic castor oil plant
- Orgnaic burdock
- Hyaluronic acid

These ingredients make this serum a powerful soother, antioxidant and emollient, ideal for dry and sensitive skin like mine.

It comes in a very fancy pump bottle. Its texture is as most facial serums, very lightweight and kind of liquidy, it has a soft and pleasant herbal scent. Its texture is special a bit oilier than a serum but less oily than a facial oil.

My own experience with the product

Beware we have a HG (a.k.a. holy grail) situation!!
First let me chat about the background. After several months of lovely pregnancy and post-partum skin, my hormones went back to normal and my skin went back to normal: I mean freaking-breakout-madness-normal. When I received my Reficis moisturizing Serum my skin was going through a major hormonal crisis producing loads of sebum and breaking out every day. At that moment I thought it was better to wait before using the Serum and there it sat on a shelf for a couple of MONTHS! When I finally decided to use the serum, as a result of me attacking those problems with anti-acne products, my skin was super irritated and terribly dry, some patches were actually peeling!

Yes, a total mess.

When I first applied the serum, I was completely blown by its moisturizing power. It was a total revelation to me, because until now although I have tried a long (very long) list of facial serums none was specifically aimed to be a moisturizing serum. Yes, you know I usually go for multipurpose anti-aging serums, or specific ones for fighting discoloration and pigmentation issues. I do suffer from dry patches in winter and most of the serums I use don't solve that problem. I always end up using think creams on top and hydrating masks etc. It takes a lot to make my skin look hydrated, so I wasn't expecting much in the first application, but Gosh, was I wrong! The difference was blatant. 
I applied it the night after cleansing my face, one pump was largely enough to cover my face and neck. I thought to skip the moisturizing cream just to test its real power, and the next day my skin was so much better! The irritation calmed down and the dryness was gone in a couple of days my skin looked so good (well, breakouts are still there but improving, no skin care product can beat bitchy hormones, grrrr!). For me is two thumbs up!

I have other products from this brand that I will review for you very soon, but I wanted to do a separate post for this Serum because only very rarely a skin care product has come to impress me as much this one has. If you struggle with dry patches, sensitive skin, irritation, I would totally recommend you to try this product, which is not only suitable for dry skin, I suppose I can safely say it is also suitable for oily and acne-prone skin since this is exactly my case right now. It is on the expensive  side (99.90 CHF) but it is comparable (or less expensive) than any other 50ml high-end serum, and the product is largely worth the price.

Is your serum doing everything you expected it to do? Have you already found your Holy grail serum? Do you care for Vegan eco-friendly brands? Let me know your opinions in the comments!