Hello sweeties! How has your week started?
The weekend has not been so bad after all, but the weather... awful, as expected. Today is a very grey day and it hasn't stop raining so I though this manicure using Sally Hansen "Winter Sky" couldn't be more "à propos", LOL.

I did this manicure for the "40 Great nail art ideas" Challenge and the prompt "Winter" was due early in December but for several reason I could not publish this manicure back then. So here it is!

I started painting my nails with Zoya Tris from Flair collection and word with Slly Hansen Winter Sky and Zoya Satin Tove on top using plastic wrap (the "saran wrap" technique) then stamped over that using Essence Stamp me black and Bundle monster plate BM 312. That was all!

What do you think of this manicure? I really like it despite the fact grey is really not my favourite shade for nail polish.
What is the weather like where you live? Does it affect your life when the weather is not so good or is it just a thing that happens to me? Please, don't be shy, and leave me a comment!